Sai Baba Miracle for Cancer Patient – A Devotee Story

Sai Baba Miracle for Cancer Patient:

A devotee explains Sai Baba Miracle for Cancer Patient.

All it started just after my mom’s birthday Aug 22nd, 2018. We went to Rameshwaram had an amazing trip and a divine darshan at shiv temple. Around Aug 25th, mom went to the hospital with acute chest pain, the doctor tested her thoroughly and said from outside everything looks fine, not to panic and prescribed some tablets. She took the tablets and was alright. Then after 2 days, discharge started happening which freaked her out and our entire family. Doctors suggested her to meet surgeon doctor. I cried all night. Freaked disturbed depressed emotionally drained with every bit of only prayers to my baba, I had a sleepless night and lost my self. This was the worst time EVER in my life, my lips only prayed to baba craving for my mom’s recovering, if all the tests are ok, I shall offer 2kg of gulabjamun sweet and make Kesari at home. Brought 2 coconuts and offered in baba temple. And took Shirdi udi and sai temple, I immediately travelled to my native to support and gave strength to my mom during her emotional trauma. We met the surgeon and they tested her thoroughly and recommended for 4 different types of blood test and mammogram. I was with her and saw the emotional and physical pains she has had. I tried giving her all the positivity in the world.

Told about Sai’s miracles and stories, increased her faith and gave positive vibes. I suggested her to eat Apricot (Vitamin B17 deficiency), carrot juice, Seetha pal, apple seed, flax seed, garlic (allicin), custard apple, pineapple, cranberry daily. Asked her to stop taking dairy products and sugar for a while. Suggested her to hear vishnu sahasaranama and NARAYANEEYAM Dasakam as these two Hindu mantras are strong enough to kill cancer cells, I read online on my sleepless nights research, Pity her She was doing it all I said. One of the online posts talked about aTibetiann doctor Dr. Yeshi Dhonden who is near Himachal Pradesh and cures it. There is a flushhood fruit in Queensland which has been newly discovered that kills cancer cells in two days time. Some online articles said since vegetables are poisoned with sprays at the time of harvest, its good to soak vegetables for cooking in Salt water plus vinegar, leave it soaked for 10 mins and then cook to remove the chemicals out. Some articles said, the liquid soap we use it for dish wash is so harmful that chemicals stay in the plate, the rice we eat yields out from pesticides causes cancer. Scary. Its best to go organic rather than consuming MNC’s products. Specially the more the products we see in Television ads, the more it is meant for business, harmful, imo. There should be no ‘Smartness’ in food. No Smart milk, smart chocolates. It should be organic indeed. Chips burns when its subjected to fire, chocolates have got plastic inside. Imagine the health hazards kids would go thru consuming this poison. An article says, a pharma recovered carcigens ( cancerous particles ) in elders using BP Blood Pressure tablets. What a world we live in?? Scary.
I did a bit of research to understand Cancer. Basically, our body has several lymph nodes to fight diseases in each points, when immunity decreases, inflammation ( Hodgkin is TB in medical terms) occurs, this lymph node accumulates the dirt over for a period of time and silently swells forms a lump, some lumps are softer, with good food habits, lifestyle it goes off. But few hard ones never goes because it sits on the lymph node directly damages it and starts spreading to other cells. This they term it in stages.

Shirdi Sai Miracle.
Shirdi Sai Miracle.

Stage 1- Curable, treatable.
Stage 2- Needs strong dosage treatments, chemo.
Stage 3- Chemo.
Stage 4- Chemo ( 2-5 years survival rate).
I struggled and did honest efforts to help my mom out, looked at every article in internet with hopes something would help her- I was craving to find out which plant, which herb, which flower, which fruit, which vegetable, which leaf, which Hindu mantras, which person could help her cancer problem, i did every bit of try to find a way to get rid of cancer and to save my mom. Emotional trauma was eating me inside, killed me alive. I could literally feel how every cancer patients in the world would feel and their dear ones would feel, we say we understand their trauma but trust me, we won’t. No one could understand until we go thru this horrible journey. A big hats off to cancer survivors and their dear ones taking care of them. I applied Shirdi Udi on her before we went for each test. Mammogram results were half ok and half not ok, said she has dense tissue that may likely to turn metastatic ( spread faster to other organs which is Stage 4 cancer- survival rate is 2yrs) on her right chest but it is 6 mm very small and suggested to do FNAC ( Biopsy further). I was broken after seeing the word metastatic. But I had faith on baba and was constantly telling my mom, baba would miracle and need not worry, I’m his favorite daughter, when I cry and plead to rescue, he will surely listen to my prayers. Every day I was telling sai’s stories and miracles and increased her faith and positivity. But I was crying all night, prayed for her and went to surgeon and oncologist, we were asked to do take MRI scan first. MRI Scan was freaking scary to me and my mom both. I was with her in the MRI scan room. The staff put her on bed upside down without a bit of metal on her and asked her not to move even a bit.

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They asked me to stay with mom and locked the room n left. It was about 45 mins. The room was full of scary noises the machine makes, very very scary for me to see my mom without any movement. Whenever the machine stopped making noise, I was giving hopes raising voice, mom, say Sairam Sairam, your results will be good, do not worry. After 45 mins, we went to the temple and got back home. after a week, the result came, which again was half ok and half not ok. Just repeated what mammogram said, dense tissue in the right chest, but it doesn’t look like cancerous but there is a problem to be figured out, surgeon to confirm. I kept crying the whole night on my birthday. 2018 birthday was the saddest I ever had, with mom suspected for cancer in one term, to find some symptoms of cancer in one end, I was neither peaceful nor happy, I didn’t have a mood to celebrate or even receive wishes. Indeed this is the first time ever, my mom forgot to make sweet for me, our house looked empty and it was a dark day for me And we met the surgeon, he said the tissues does NOT look like cancerous, maybe some other reasons/ normal cyst, further

FNAC ( biopsy) recommended. I was really happy in the evening to hear it doesn’t look cancerous. My baba’s birthday gift to me, I jumped in joy. That was Thursday, I made Kesari on my own and offered to baba at home prayed and thanked wholeheartedly. Every time we went to the surgeon after results, I took my mom to Saibaba temple nearby home, I made her offer coconuts. We both left a piece a wood in Fire dhuni at Saibaba temple, to give away our karmas. I offered 10rs and 51rs in the journey of my mom’s test and results.

FNAC (biopsy) – Doctor recommended for 2 other blood tests one in ears as well. Every physical pain she went thru, I had tears from my heart but I had to pretend I am strong because my mom gains strength from me. I told her to just tell Sairam Sairam whenever she feels painful. She did too. The Radiolagist and other doctor took her to a room and it was around 20 mins of surgery procedure. its like removing skin tissue from the affected part to test, She came out with uneasiness & tolerable pain. I took her home and started giving hot bag massage in the area and cold water massage as she said it was paining a bit. She didnt take pain killers although i insisted her to take. She said its ok tolerable pain and she doesn’t have to. But right 2 days after FNAC, she had immense pain in the lower chest areas which freaked me out as i thought it has spreaded down and she was developing other symptoms like loss of appetite. I cried like i haven’t cried like this before in my lifetime, every symptom of her google said stage 4 cancer, day times i pretended all good with me didn’t show my anxeity on face but every night i was broken to pieces, i was researching in internet for every other way to rescue my mom from this cancer monster.

My life has a bad time. As a ray of light, Baba showed up a blog article to do “Saibaba Nava Thursday Vrat”. I decided to do that. I constantly prayed baba and had faith my baba will save my mom. And forgot to mention, the day i came home accidently sai baba idol i had in bag fell down and broke. I felt sad that happened, later consoled myself, baba took my trouble away and that’s why he broke himself. so mom will recover. After a week, FNAC results came, surgeon clarified, nothing cancerous. Looks like chest inflammation and gave antibiotics for 10 days and said if there is any problem to reach out. Within 10 days she became alright but her it hasn’t stopped yet, so a little bit worried but i have total faith my baba will make her come out of Cancer monster completely. We have second consulted our far relative doctor she suggested Cap avion 600mgs for 30 days which is a vitamin E tablet that anyone can take) and through a very popular experienced oncologist in Chennai, she said one more test is required to confirm 100% that cancer isn’t there in her, and that came positive too. In between, started Nava Thursday Saibaba vrat on Sep26th with Shraddha and shaburi (Faith and Patience) that my mom will be out of all this cancer emotional trauma and physical pain completely.

Week 1 of starting a Vrat (September 27, 2018)- Local doctors confirmed its not cancer. Week 2 of vrat (Oct 4, 2018) – Pain has completely gone by, mom was back to normal Week 3 of Vrat (Oct 11, 2018) Relative doctor confirmed its NOT cancer or TB or anything. just prescribed vitamin tablets and asked to do a regular yearly mammogram check. Couldn’t put in words how much I’m grateful to baba, extremely grateful for the kindness, million pranams to baba, who helped our family in distress. No one could have helped. Only Baba did. I’m so so so thankful to him. Lifelong an ardent baba devotee. His miracles are pure blessings. Baba’s Nava Thursday vrat, along with tablets, carrot juices cured my mom’s suspected cancer To conclude as a suggestion to the readers: along with Vrat and Udi, doctor prescribed Tablets, anyone who has tumor, cyst, swelling, cancer please do this – Try drinking a water bottle full of carrot juice ( added honey, 1pinch of raw garlic, little pepper, pinch of turmeric), do this every day consistently for 8 weeks to 8 months and I’m sure this would be beneficial in tumors disappearing, improving the health, general, improving immunity. Carrot is awesome in every way, good for skin, eyes, vitamins. Take Blueberries, cranberries. Eat apple seeds ( some say as it kills good cells, but some say it kills only the dirty affected cancer cells part, up to you to believe. And don’t forget to take vitamin c – oranges, mosambi, amla, spinach.

Dear readers,
May you live a long life full of goodness and health, With a purse full of gold as the least of your wealth, May the dreams you hold dearest, be those which come true, The kindness you spread, keep returning to you!. Baba bless you, Om Sai Ram!.

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