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Devotee Experience – Sai Baba Miracle In My Life:

The following is my person expereince and is all about Sai Baba Miracle In My Life.

Hello. I’am PS from New Delhi, India. I have been experiencing Shirdi SAI Grace since several years now. I don’t say I am a true devotee, but I really want to and try to be a true devotee or disciple of Shiridi SAI Baba Ji. Infact I had prayed in Shirdi in 2012 to SAI Baba to send me to USA on full/nearly full Scholarship to do my MBA studies from a good university, SAI Baba JI did it and helped me immensely get a 85% Funding to do my MBA from USA from a good university in 2013. However, I couldn’t get a permanent job in USA as could not get H1 B sponsor so only worked for nearly 1 year in USA (but at awesome good pay) after completing my MBA studies and had to come back to India in 2016. After coming I really felt kind of sad that SAI did not help me settle down in USA, lost faith a little too. However, something happened which really proves we may go away from SAI but SAI WILL NEVER LEAVE us. I think it happened for good that SAI brought back me to India. I got married to a great girl got good job, however recently my company started laying off employees. I was in tension. So it happened like this. Lay offs were announced by my company in May 2018 with last day of service being 31 October 2018. During this time lots unethical things were happening in my division such as favoritism etc.

Certain people close to management got jobs in other division and would not have to face lay offs. However, I felt bad and I complained about my boss i.e reporting manager to HR Grievance. I gave all the evidences etc. and told HR lots of bad things were happening on the floor. Just want to add that Management never liked me when I joined the company in December 2017. Infact there was another Senior Manager who used to manage Delhi NCR team from Bombay (Mumbai). I was appointed to manage Delhi team since I lived in New Delhi. However, since the other Senior Manager was close to the Director, I was never given my rights and never really considered part of the team of management. There was politics against me. For example though I was a Senior Management I was not even called for appraisal meetings etc. too of employees working in my location. There were others ways too they tried to seclude me in the company, However, I kept quite as needed the job and the money, BUT when things became too much after lay off were announced as part of another complaint and investigation by HR, I too raised my voice and raised complaint against my boss and Reporting manager in July 2018. I knew it was dangerous, but needed justice and HR too said everything will remain confidential.

Sai Miracle.
Sai Miracle.

However, my boss got to know in August 2018 that I had raised a complaint against her, and she started raised a fake complaint against me and wanted to start an investigation against me. She wanted to get me fired and in this way I would have lost my substantial retrenchment package. I got literally scared and was in immense pressure or tension. I prayed to Shirdi SAI from heart and also requested that PLEASE SAVE me and please get me my retrenchment package as I was fighting for justice. I also said SAI I will never blame you for bringing me back from USA early too if you can get me my full retrenchment package. Can you Imagine what happened!!!! MIRACLE, as within a week the HR Grievance lady who was leading the investigation told me that my boss was trying to retaliate against me as I had raised a complaint against her. She told me that I need not worry as Investigation Team was with me as I was a honest. Also my complaint and this behavior or my boss was raised to Senior HR management. And what package I had to receive on 31 October 2018 I got on 3 September 2018 and full retrenchment package was given and my boss’s complaint was ignored. SHIRDI SAI SAVED ME….YES SHIRDI SAI PLEASE THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKL YOU….I know how I felt in under tension that I might lose my retrenchment package and face some harassment from my boss. BUT SHIRDI SAI SAVED ME. No harassment infact Company thanked me for bringing to light bad things and gave me retrenchment package more than I thought I would receive. THANK YOU Shirdi SAI for saving me and increasing my faith in your feet….Please in future too please keep me at your feet and bless me. GOD Bless!! WAHEGURU SATNAM OM SAI RAM.

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