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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi, thank you so much for creating & developing this website. God bless you all, who have done this wonderful job. Please do not disclose my name & email id. I am sorry for the long post. The experience posted here is great inspiration for so many people, who have many problems in life. I have been Sai’s devotee from the last 5 years & many miracles happen in my life since then. But this one, which I am going to share is something miracles of miracles. And this experience I am specially sharing for other Sai daughter’s, who are not living with their husbands or get separated from them.

Mine was a love marriage after many hurdles and with grace of Sai Baba. I got married to my husband at the age of 32. But after my marriage my in laws start torturing me as they are of orthodox nature. They torture me like anything even I have to see the psychiatric for the treatment and my husband being an adopted son never said anything to them.

One day I got the inventory of my husband and I got to know that he goes to prostitutes & have physical relation with many girls even before marriage and still continue with the same pattern. I was broken and when I shared the same with my in-laws, they support my husband and then I decided not to live with them and I came at my parents place. My family is Sai devotee and every morning we play Sai’s bhajan every day and every time I ask Baba why He has done this to me as before and immediately after my marriage.

I went to Shirdi to take His blessings. For 5 months, I was at my parents place. With all humiliation and taunts, I cried every minute of 5 months. I have a habit of going to Baba’s temple every Thursday with palki. I started reading Sai Chalisa, Sai Satcharitra everyday and every time. My in-laws were eager to get me separated from my husband and encouraging him for divorce. Then I thought of my parents that what society will say if I get divorce. I start doing Nav Guruvar Vrat and asking Baba to do what is right for me. Every time, I ask question to Baba on website, I got positive answers of getting reunited with my husband, but I always says Baba if You let me go back then make sure I will go with full dignity and respect. And miracle start happening.

After 3 months, I got a call from my husband and we had a meeting and it was good. I asked Baba please do miracle and I want to complete Your fast at my husband’s place. And then again on question answer website the answers was that my problem will be solved and miracle will be happened and on the 5th month I got the answers that problem will be solved in 8 days . “Donate food”. I thought this is impossible as my husband can’t say anything to his parents and they have agreed for divorce, so I was mentally prepared for this, though I have donated food. And I completely surrender to Baba thinking this is only what Baba wants. What Baba is doing might be good for me and miracle of miracle happen on 8th Vrat (i.e. on Thursday). Don’t know how my husband come at my parents place and talk to them that he is ready to take me and will come on Sunday to take me home . And I and my parents was shocked to know this, there is no chance as he also agreed for divorce. He has made the papers for the divorce even. I went back at my husband‘s place on Sunday and complete my Vrat at his place.

Dear brother’s and sister’s just one request, Please have full faith and never doubt Baba and surrender to Him completely and then see His Leela. Whether I am office or at home or have any monthly problem, I read Sai Chalisa daily and I never did any specially thing for Baba. Sometimes I even do puja without taking bath. It’s all about Shraddha. Have full Shraddha (Faith) and then you will get the blessing of Baba. Who all are away from their husband, I can understand your pain Please have faith He never wants His children to be unhappy. Don’t worry everything will be fine. Just recite Sai Sai all the time. OM SAI RAM.



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