Sai Baba Miracles in my Life – A Devotee Stories

Sai Baba Miracle in my LIfe.
Sai Baba Miracle in my LIfe.

Sai Baba Miracles in my Life

Hello devotees, today we are presenting Sai Baba Miracles in my Life from couple of devotees.

Sai Baba miracle in my life #1

I am an ardent devotee of sai baba. A friend of mine introduced me to sai baba
After that i pray to sai regularly. I thank for this wonderful site and maintaining it perfectly. This site helps me to when I am depressed and alone. The experience makes me think sai is taking care of us even at our hardship.

First experience is about i lost my wallet some days ago in my home and was not able to find it. We searched the entire home but noone was able to find it. Everyone started to scold me for being careless . I prayed to sai to find it , as it had all important card. After sometime I checked my baby’s bag if it is misplaced and to my surprise it was there.. sai helped me to find it.

Second experience is about my tailoring machine where i used to work on daily basis, suddenly it stopped to move and i was devastated as i had many clothes to stitch. I was continuously try to repair it for 4 days but no use. Even my sister tried to do but nothing worked out. I was worries as it is new one and anyone might scold me. Here sai did a great miracle, my teacher came to see my fortunately and she helped me to repair it.. and it was working perfectly. Sai ma came in form of my teacher andq helped me.
Third experience – i went to temple for keeping pongal and worshipping. I was feedling my baby while my MIL kept pongal. Later we packed things and went for seeing darshan. Later when i touched my neck, i realised that i lost my gold chain. I tried searching every place. I only found dollar which was in the chain. But chain was lost, i prayed to sai to get me that chain but due to my karma i didn’t get it. Hope sai do not want that chain for me and planned for something big. On the same day i was worried and gave police complaint. Later returned home and while eating i got call from mahaprayan group after long request. As well as i got call for interview in my dream company. As both came on the same day i decided that i will get both selected. I have joined the group and also attended interview in that company..hope sai ma will get me selected. I thought this as good sign after losing chain. Thank u sai baba for giving us everything. My husband is blessed because of you. Please help me in getting cleared in interview and join my dream company. Om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram.

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Baba Miracles.
Baba Miracles.

Sai Baba Miracle in my life experience #2

Om sai Ram,

I am big devotee of sai baba from past 8 years. Sai baba has done various miracles in my life. But this one is the one which is unforgettable in my life.
Me and my guy were in 12yrs realtionship and oct 2019 I went to Dubai to look out for a job. And all of sudden the relationship between us changed. He started ignoring my calls and messages. Since we dint belong to same caste and his family was from political background i they were not ready to accept our relarionship. While he started ignorning calls and all I came to know from his friend that hus family have fixed a girl for him. I was shattered. There was a big fight between me and him and he threatened me that he would suicide rather than hurting everyone. Then we were not in very good talking terms. Then i cried to baba and requested him to do some miracle that would make my guy realize and come back to me. I did not get job in dubai and i came back to India. Next day when i went outside I happened to see my guy with his fiance. I followed them. My guy left her and went to his place and then I came to know they had got engaged from his fiance. This incident was truely a miracle.

Then there was fight between me and my guy he asked me to back off he is already engaged and nothing can be done. Then i was just crying to baba started reading Sai satyacharitra and started 9 guruvar vrat. In a week we get a call from His fiances brother stating there is something wrong with my guys family nd they wanted to know everything about our relationship. We sent them our pics and everything that happened btw us. Then in a week his fiamces brother informs us that they have planned to call off the engagement. I was shocked. Cause it was truely a miracle. Not even a month every week one or the other miracle happened and finally today they called off the engagement. This could happen only bcoz of baba. I love my guy a lot it was a realtion of 12yrs and i dint want him to leave me. Baba you have done so many miracles. Please baba let my guy and his family realize their mistakes and let my guy come back to me. I really want to marry him bab. Only u can do impossible possible. Please baba please bless me and do a miracle that everything falls in place. Let my guy get married to me plz baba.

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