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Sai Baba Please Help Me – Anonymous Sai Devotee from India

This experience is really heart touching. The devotee needs our prayer to move ahead in her life. I pray to Lord Sai Baba to what is correct for her, but please reduce her pain.

Anonymous devotee from India says: Om Sainathaya namah! Hello everyone! Hope all are hale and healthy with the grace of Baba. Let meintroduce myself. When I was studying B.Pharmacy, I was active and study-oriented girl. I had a gang of friends, who always supported me, even now (after 7 years). In our gang, one boy used to be silent and very less expressive. But he is very good at heart and later understood that he is possessive about me. Our friendship started with GRE classes as only we both in our group wants to do MS. By the time I complete my graduation, I understood that he had developed strong feelings for me and many times he told that what he will do if I leave him. I felt many say the same due to immaturity at that age. So I was not serious about him. We both have entered different universities for post graduation. We are far from each other. This time I understood and realized that I miss him the most compared to other friends. We are always in contact in mails & phones, still I missed him beside me.

I couldn’t even enjoy my time with my classmates. I always waited for his call and was irresistible. I thought I shouldn’t leave such person in life as he taught me how to love. At the end of graduation, he asked me whether i am ready to marry him, as I was dying to hear these words from him from longtime. I was on cloud9. Happily accepted the proposal and the same day I spoke to my mom that we both love each other and i am ready to marry him. As my family is filled with love marriages and my mom knows me that I will take decision after repeated thinking; she personally met him 2-3 times at my home and speaks with him closely, she was very happy that I will spend rest of my life with the one I love rather than an artificial arranged marriage. We were scared to tell my dad, my mom and sister took his side, with many discussions he said ok for our marriage. But he was scared from beginning as they belong to higher caste and I’m not. He always wanted my love to talk to his parents and come with their acceptance.

The hardest thing started when he has to convey the story to his parents. He never opened up before his parents so he took almost 2 years to tell them. His brother is also very friendly, I know him from my b.pharm days. I know even his cousins. We all had great time whenever we met. Slowly his mom used to speak with me. I can’t even tell in words how happy I was when I was talking to his mom, I thought she would never speak with me. I was ready to give up anything in life for my love. Nothing makes me happy except his presence or calls or anything related to him.

The day came when our parents met each other. I was scared about his dad, what he will say, will they give acceptance and all. His dad clearly told that he will never accept me as his daughter-in-law. They will just do marriage and leave us. I was dumb-stuck. I couldn’t utter a word hearing this. I thought he will stop his parents from speaking all this and want him to speak from my side. When they asked me whether I’m ready for all these hindrances, then I don’t know what happened to me, I was silent. They gave time to think. Meanwhile my dad called him and asked him whether he will defend and can take care of me as his parents are totally against this relation. As a father he was worried, then he kept quiet without answering, this made my dad still more worried about my life. They hardly slept the whole week. Finally he called up his parents and told that he doesn’t like this relation and ready to marry me with someone else. I was shocked to see all this and hadn’t eaten anything. My dad told to ask him to comeout of home and marry, if he really loves you, I will accept your relation. But even though I begged him many times to think of our relation, he just stood on my dad’s words, and told me to marry someone else.

It’s almost 6 months that this happened, still I didn’t forget him. His parents warned him that they will die if he says my name and trying to arrange marriage for him. My family was totally upset as I changed a lot, depressed. I started praying Baba from past 2 months, doing Sai Vrat also. Even he is doing this Sai Vrat. He is responding to me but he is helpless. I respect parents but I can’t forget him. Now one of our family friends, who don’t know anything about my story, trying to fix match for me. But I feel that Baba will do some magic and make my love realize that how much I’m connected to him. Only God knows how bad I’m feeling. If he really loved me, how can he leave me in this peak situation?? My parents say that if he loved me he shouldn’t leave me. Now I’m bit stressed about that match. I’m unable to forget past and unable to accept new things. Please I really need Baba help and grace. Please pray for me.


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