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Sai Baba Presence in My Life – Devotee From Singapore

Sai Devotee from Singapore writes: Hi Sai devotees, I am also a Sai devotee from India & we recently moved to Singapore because of Sai blessings. I got married in the year of 2010 & it was arranged marriage. During iinitialstages, I was happy with my hubby, later we started fighting on some issues because of my in laws. I was going through real pain to handle the situation at home with my in laws. These issues are getting worse day by day. My in-laws get their own retirement pension, but they expect money from my husband and he used to spend lot of money for them. I was completely upset and used to share this to Sai, and used to feel his presence whenever I think of Him.It was the year 2011, We bought a flat in India with baba’s grace. My hubby & in-laws were not at all interested and happy in buying a flat, but with my savings I had managed to buy it.Once my hubby got a onsite offer but he rejected due to his parents.My Sister and Sister in law were settled in US and they were leading happy life with kids. I am not complaining or jealous about them but I feel depressed with my life.We did not have any kids and my hubby was not at all ready to come away from his parents & I feel he was not spending much time with me.

Baba Miracles
Baba Miracles

In May 2014, again he got a another chance to go for onsite project and this time, I really wanted him to accept the offer so that we both could stay together and spend more time. We got a chance to visit shirdi after long planning and got Sai darshan & blessings. I was very happy that Baba gave me the chance to see Him in shirdi. With Sai blessing and grace, my husband accepted the offer and we moved to Singapore and we both leading happy life here. I am also searching for a job now & I am sure that Sai will help me in right time. My hubby is preparing for his management exams and he was not able to clear the exam in his previous two attempts. I want Baba to help him out to clear it this time & get him good offer. As we were not having kids for long time, I am praying Baba that I should also get conceived soon with baba’s blessing. I am sure he will take care of me, because I am his daughter. Thank you Sai for guiding me and supporting me in my whole life. Please help me in keeping away from evil thoughts and protect us from all directions. Whenever i feel nervous and depressed, I think of Baba and listen to Sai Baba songs which makes me to feel better. I really don’t want to go back and stay with my in laws and I want Baba to help us in staying here in Singapore for a long time. we are very thankful to Baba for giving me all these things and guiding me in right direction in my life. I love you Sai. “Samradha sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai”.

Om Sai
Om Sai


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