Sai Baba Prevented My Grandma From Multiple Disorders – Devotee from India

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a proud devotee of SAI BABA from Chennai. BABA’s miracles are mind blowing. If we surrender ourselves completely to Him, I am damn sure He will let us to taste the fruit of joy and peace. If we start trusting Him, day by day Baba Ji builds your confidence by taking you at greater heights. I have experienced this many times and my family members and friends get influenced by my experiences and they too have started to love SAI BABA JI. To everyone, who see this post, I would like to tell you something. If you people have some stress or problem, surrender yourself

My grandmother is an heart patient since in the month of January when she got her first attack. The Doctor said, considering her age factor into account, operation is not possible, instead we can clear the blocks through injection. The doctors proceed with their treatment and with SAI BABA’s grace my granny recovered soon and she was discharged within a week. We all thanked Baba for His grace showered upon her.

Everything went on fine for some days. Then she got mild attack again in the month of August and she had been admitted. She suffered a lot. Her blood pressure level beeps to a higher rate. Pulse level counts down than the normal. Later the doctor diagnosed her completely and found that her kidney function was not up to level. While counseling session was held, the doctor said that my granny has been surrounded with multiple disorders and her stage is critical now. We all of us got shattered with the doctor’s words. But still I had hope in SAI BABA and I convinced my family members.

The doctors started their treatment with a full swing and it went on for more than a week. At that time I saw a post on face book about SAI BABA’s solutions for our problems. I opened that tab and followed the instructions that were given and the solutions were surprised as the answers made me happy. The solution was, SAI BABA said that my granny will be prevented from death. The results made all of us happy. Day by day my granny’s pulse, kidney function and blood pressure level got balanced and the block has been removed. Even the doctors were surprised. Now my granny is normal. It’s all because of my Satguru Sainath Maharaj. I love You always Baba. You are my soul and everything. Bless all Your devotees, who are in need of You, bless the whole universe. Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.


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