Sai Baba Saved My Child – Sai Devotee from India

Sai Devotee from India says: Jai Sai Ram to Baba’s devotees. This is the very first time i am writing something. I am very small devotee of Baba. And i don’t know how but while writing this tears are coming in my eyes. Baba always helps even people like me who are always full of negative thoughts. I came to know about Baba when i was working in a MNC Gurgaon in 2007. I went for the very first time there and we were living in company’s guest house. My roommate was a Sai devotee. She took me with her at Sai temple Udhyog Vihar. It’s very beautiful temple. I went there and bowed just like any other God we do, because i had never heard about Him and came back. 

I became Baba’s devotee last year from February. I don’t know how and when, but Baba pulled me towards Himself. I have a daughter and from the time of birth she remains unfit. All the time she faces one problem or other she was continuously on antibiotics for last three years. Last when i was pulled towards Baba by Him, i suddenly decided to start her homeopathy treatment. I live in Jalandhar and we go to Ludhiana for her medicine. It’s been year her treatment is going on. Last night again she felt very sick and was unable to sleep. She was crying. She had to go to school after 20 holidays. And i was tensed as till 3 am she was awaking. I gave her medicine, but it did not work at all. 

Suddenly i remembered about Udi. I went to our temple, took Udi, and applied on her forehead and a pinch in her month. Then i prayed to Baba please help her and let her sleep so that she would be able to go to school the very first day after vacations. And within ten minutes she went to sleep and woke up at 6:30 in the morning and went to school. I promised Baba, if she would sleep i will share this with all my brothers and sisters. I don’t know what is called full devotion and whole hearted pray. But i pray to Baba please help my kid to come out of all her problems and be with her always. This is the only wish i am asking for the time i became His devotee and will remain His devotee till the end of my life. Baba answersour prayers always. I read this page daily and it gives me peace of mind and belief that He is there to help all of us. Just leave everything on Him, chant His name and forget about the problem. He will take care of the rest. Om Sai Ram ..Om Sai ram!!




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