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My father is Stage 4 Chronic Kidney patient. His next stage is dialysis and it is life threatening. He is a very good man and never had any bad habits. Still he is suffering a lot. Previously he had issues with blood clots in the brain. When he got attack 3 years back, only Baba saved him from paralysis and other adverse situations. Even doctor agreed that it was nothing, but a miracle that my father is ok. 2 years back, he was diagnosed with this Kidney disease, which was unfortunately in advanced stage. So he had a restricted diet and he has to take 15-20 tablets daily. You can imagine his plight of such situations at the age of just 55. I always pray to my father Sai Baba about my father’s health.

In the past few years, Baba is the one, who saved his life. Being in USA, I cannot see my father often and I feel very guilty of not able to take care of my father. All I can do is pray to Baba and read His Satcharitra. I am in a helpless situation due to US Visa rules. It’s a very sad situation for all NRI’s, who are unable to be there with their families due to visa issues. Recently my dad had a surgery for some gland removal in his neck. That gland controls the calcium levels in the body, but because of the Kidney disease, it had to be removed. After the operation, my mom said my dad became very weak and was unable to walk as there was no calcium in his bones. He became very depressed and gave up hope. So I rushed to India to be with him.

In 2 week trip period, I was able to go to Shirdi on the 2nd day by Baba’s grace. After my Shirdi visit, miraculously my dad recovered from surgery and was able to walk and get back to normal routine. Though his kidney illness remains the same, this was a slight relief for me and everyone. I came back to USA and my mom said, my dad recovered well after I came. Internally I thanked my merciful Baba a lot for saving him. After 1 month I came back, I spoke to my mom on phone one day and she sounded very depressing. I asked her why she was so dull. She said my dad had very high BP and had other symptoms of Diabetes. They visited doctor and they said Kidney levels are not good and they also wanted to test for Diabetes.

I was heartbroken. I felt very bad for my dad as he is already eating nothing because of Kidney/BP issues and having lot of tablets daily. If he is tested positive for Diabetes also, it would be a nightmare for everyone. My mom was very sad and was feeling bad that my father is suffering a lot though he never had any bad habits and is a very good person. Next day morning I cried in front of Baba at my home in USA and asked him to save my father from death. I randomly opened Sai Satcharitra, these are the lines I saw:

A story about Bapusaheb Booty
“A great astrologer named Nanasaheb Dengle told one day to Bapusaheb Booty, who was then in Shirdi, “Today is an inauspicious day for you, there is a danger to your life”. This made Bapusaheb restless. When they, as usual came to Masjid, Baba said to Bapusaheb – “What does this Nana say? He foretells death for you. Well, you need not be afraid. Tell him boldly, “Let us see how death kills”. Then later in the evening Bapusaheb went to his privy for easing himself where he saw a snake. His servant saw it and lifted a stone to strike at it. Bapusaheb asked him to get a big stick, but before the servant returned with the stick, the snake was seen moving away and soon disappeared. Bapusaheb remembered with joy Baba’s words of fearlessness”.

What a wonderful story at an appropriate time. I feared for my father’s life. In this way He blessed me and spoke kind words of fearlessness. I am at least little bit at ease after hearing Baba’s words and His Abhayam to save my father. His words came true. The diabetes test came negative and we were relieved once again. I can really say that, only Baba is taking care of my father till date and it’s a miracle that he is still ok. Baba is the real savior. Oh Baba how can I repay Your debt in this life or in several lives. Kindly stay by my side and my family’s side always. Thanks Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram!!



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