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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hello . Please share my experiences with the people. I am very very thankful to you for making this blog. You really do not know what you are doing. You are really saving lives.

This is the miracle not experience. I am going to share with you all that have saved my life. Believe me have faith in Sai, have Shraddha and Saburi, you will definitely going to experience the miracle. I am devotee of Sai since 2006. I used to pray for my marriage a lot because my mother was alone. My father died at a very early stage. So there was a lot of pressure on my mother for my marriage. On 2008, I got married. But the things were just not good.

They were becoming bad. My in-laws wanted more dowry and my husband was also involved into it. I thought to dissolve this marriage after 2-3 months, but the days were passing very badly. Then he was been transferred to my city, where I was working in a radio channel for few months. He stayed and in the meanwhile I conceived. He thought not to attend his responsibilities. He took the transfer before 2 days of the delivery date. I delivered a baby boy. He was absent totally physically, socially, mentally, morally and monetary. I did not get any support from him. That was a very crucial time for any of the woman, where she expects her husband to be with her. I used to pray Baba and ask that why have you given such a fool guy to me. What have I done wrong? What will happen? How I will live rest of my life?

In October 2011, we were separated, but were in contact on the phone. In 2012 February 26, it was the last call I received from him. I used to cry a lot. Days were passing. I had given up the job also. I don’t know how to manage the things with a baby of 2 years. In 2012 July 25th, he filed a divorce case against me in different city, but see the miracle of Sai that I have not received any summon from him. Then casually to know what is going in his mind, I went with my baby in September 2012. He said just go from here. I filed a divorce at that time. I could not believe. I torn one of the book I was having in the purse of Sai. I said You are not doing anything for me. I contacted a lawyer. He searched for the case in my city and in my in-laws city, but did not get anything. I thought it was just a things said by him in a bad mood, but I keep on praying to Baba. I started doing Nine Vrat in February 2013.

I got a letter from him that this is the 3rd date you are not appearing and I filed a divorce in this city where I am living. Then I rushed and went to the court. I got the papers, but still having a hope that my Sai cannot do this to me. I came back filed a case against him. Then I went to Supreme Court and got the stay on the case what he has filed in another city in just 1.5 months. He was shocked. Then again I started 11 Vrat. My date came in May 2013, but he did not come in June. I was expecting him, but he did not come as my son’s birthday falls on June 5th. I don’t know how all the powers came in me and how I was doing everything alone. Baba was managing all my job, my work, my home, my child, court matters, my pooja.

In July I was searching something and I got to know about Sai Satcharitra and the question answer site. I started reading regularly. I did not stop and in the meanwhile I started 21 Vrat again saying Baba that please solve my matter. I want to live with him. Sai heard my prayers in August 2013. He came with his father to meet my lawyer by saying this that I do not have any problem with her, but I will take a time. In the meanwhile, we exchanged our numbers. I was patiently waiting for something good to happen. This patience was given by the blogs, which I used to read daily, by the question answers site which I used to ask questions a lot from Sai and from Baba itself He came in my dreams 3 times.

One day I saw in my dream that one baby having a lot of injuries. It was lying in a well for 3 years. It is saved by Baba when he was dead. I woke up and thought that Baba has given me the answer that He saved my marriage, which was almost dead. It was impossible to save this marriage. 98 percent was the chances for the divorce. In November 2013, in Diwali, he came and said to celebrate the Diwali with me. I went with him to my in-laws. All welcomed me as if I went there for the first time. There were tears in my eyes. Now we have both planned to settle down the matters for the child. He wants me and my child back. This is the biggest miracle. I want to say that I would have died 2 times. I tried also. Once I tried to die along with my child, but as it was night. I forgot the path. Sai has done it all and I am surrendered in His feet. The whole life I will daily write His name and I will read that Chamatkari Book also. Thank You so much Sai.



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