Sai Baba’s Help At A Critical Situation – Anonymous Sai Devotee from UK

This experience shows how Lord Sai Baba takes care of anyone who calls out to Him in distress. 

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Hi, I would like to thank you for putting effort to share everyone experiences that brings a lot of Faith to us. My experience has been described in detailedmanner in order to understand the in depth problem faced. Please do not provide any personal details. Thank you. I am currently residing in UK, and as I promised Shirdi Sai Baba, I want to share my experience of how I started to believe in Baba. He has helped me immensely by giving hope to live in a very hopeless situation and face the future. I am married and moved to United Kingdom in the year 2013. My family lives in Australia and I have moved here because of marriage. There have been few arguments with my husband and their family got involved and I had to go to work, to avoid major problems at home. My husband is an engineer and he can work from home and the arguments sometimes came about unnecessarily. 

Thus, I found a work by giving my CV in a store nearby and I got called for an interview and the owner hired me to work in the post office because it was located inside the store. I already have my university degree, this work was just temporary. As I joined the company, there are two people who work in the cash register for the store and rest of the people works inside the post office and one person works inside the warehouse and on floor. The owner was from my own country, but he does not come to the site. At this time I only realized after joining work for three weeks, I am pregnant as well. The issue was the person, who I handed my CV was one of the cashier and he was a very disturbing person because he does not do any work at the store and wanted to blame anything that happened at post office on me. He believed because of him I got the job and that I should listen to him. The lady cashier was in her 40s and she was gossiping everyday about me

I was new to this country and they were from my own nativity and I had no idea that people so evil and disgusting existed on earth. I wanted to leave the job but if I do I would have to face family problems so I just continued work ignoring them. They somehow figured out I was not good terms with my husband and their only pastime was talking about me. I was busy with my baby checkups and both my husband and I were excited about the baby. I was getting so well with my co-workers in post office, however the lady cashier in the shop gossips about me and she was serving clients to the disgusting man and he would believe whatever she says and since I don’t talk to them he believes that I should not be working there. He would pass all his negative energy towards me that I had to come home and take big shower to cleanse myself. I have never seen a creepy disgusting human like him. I don’t how it is even possible? I could not proof how evil this person. 

During this time there has been change in management at the post office after some argument about money and a new person had to take place, before that the owner asked me, but I refused due to pregnancy and it is not my field of study. The new person who took over is same from my country, but until he learns the job from my co workers, he was extremely nice. But after that he started intimidating people. He was only one year older than me 29 and he was nice to me which I thought it was due to pregnancy, but later I realized he was giving me more hours to make the other staff hate me.

I could not stand the negativity the evil disgusting man and women were always creating at the store. Everyone human has an aura of their own, but it can destroy someone who is working, being pregnant, and doing all house chores. I went to ask him the so called manager only two days of work but it was my mistake. I said, I could not stand working where the creepy man works that he keeps on looking at me. Unfortunately they were very good friends and the creepy man gave him a place to stay at his friends house and so this man said everything I said and he turned against me gossiping with them about me.

They tried to target me maximum and whenever I was serving clients, they were making disgusting face and almost bullied me that I had to leave the job. He encouraged the creepy man to look at me all the time. I was shocked how can someone turn so evil? The so called pimp manager used to call me and say he has two sisters and one is getting married and his father is not healthy state now so he doesn’t know what’s going to happen in his country. I felt very sad at one point about whatever he said, but he was only saying those things to flirting and fancying me. I only understood this later on. This all happened in two week and to my bad timing, I had to stay until that week to be eligible for maternity allowance by govt. However, I could not stand pressure and left the final week. I was relieved of leaving, but at same time my mind was so hurt to the point that the negative energy passed and my hormones went all over I was on bed and was so worried, that for four months, I didn’t even sleep.

Even after I left the work they were still talking about me that I had problem with husband, I took money from post office, I was jealous of this that I didn’t get manager position. I didn’t sleep for four whole months with my child in my womb, and I was so worried when my pregnancy date was nearing. With God’s blessing I got a healthy child but still it took me another six months to calm down my hormones until that I could not take proper care of my child. My parents helped me for one month and they had to go back to Australia, if not, they would lose their work. During the four months before giving birth, the pain in my mind was so much that every minute would seem deadly, I don’t know if anyone have experienced this much pain without doing anything wrong except going to work to support myself during pregnancy time.

However, I really needed to talk to someone every time I felt scared and negative. I didn’t know how to explain this fear to anyone and how would someone understand, most my friends and family told me to focus on the child, but the negativity would not go away. Maybe it could be that I was sensitive during pregnancy and the negativity and pressure was too much. I found someone who is a medium, spiritual healer and astrologer and I sometimes asked her to pray for me to overcome this. She can speak to people like our ancestors and respond back. Yes, certain people do have this gift, even though it was hard for me to believe in beginning, she proved so many things at my home, which I did not even know about. For example, I lost my passport somewhere, and she told me it was outside in the market, that I have missed it and I would find it within one week. This and many has happened as she told. I could not always talk to her, plus I had to pay money every time I talked to her so I could not always contact with her. 

When I gave birth to my child, my thoughts were still about work, the negativity would not go away and I didn’t want to lose my belief in God. I wanted to heal myself and didn’t want to depend on anyone. 

One day on internet I started reading about Thursday Vrat and then I caught up with it for Shirdi SaiBaba. I started reading a lot of positive stories and Miracles, He has done and how He helped a lot of people and how He is helping through reading ‘Sai Satcharitra’ and 9 Thursday Vrat. So I did all that and every time He would show me some lights and way to calm my mind. I found a friend who helped me, I did some counselling by phone and soon afterwards I did a Pooja in Temple and I requested for prayer to Shibur Sai Baba and I saw huge improvements every Thursday.

I found certain background news about the people at work, which I understood why they were behaving this way. For example I found out the pimp manager had relationship with a white girl and got her pregnant and left her, after she gave birth without helping her anyway financially and he joined this work in post office. Somehow, I found out that these people are full of crap. Shirdi Sai Baba saved me from a lot of problems and gave me peace of mind. I believe Shirdi Sai Baba is a very compassionate Saint, that comes to tell us do believe in God when all hope goes away, that is the only way He can help us. Thank you for reading my experience.


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