Sai Baba’s Invitation – Devotee From India

Sai Brother Dilip Ji from India says: I am From Pune ,Aged about 52, worked  25 Years in Industry. 12 Years back, I was in Africa & I was to worship Saievery day, 12 years passed and I never worshiped Sai!! But He will not leave you, even you forget Him.

3 months month back, I started facing many problems. I made a deal to sell my Flat, with a one fellow. He gave me token money of 51000 by cheque, I gave him receipt. He sent me the draft of agreement, and I was surprised he put lot of conditions in the draft, which were not acceptable to me. I called him and asked him to take refund of his money. He came to my Office and he demanded 2.5 Lac + 50K. I asked him for what I should pay you additional 2.5 Lac. He said he has brought Govt stamp paper, and spend money for lawyer, etc. He said he will not accept less money and threaten me. We almost had fight in my office.

I approached lawyer. He said you could have consulted before accepting money. I was depressed and lost my peace of mind. Every week the fellow was to call me. Lastly I told him to send the legal notice and he stopped communicating with me. I was in trouble neither I could sell the flat nor give it for rent, 3 months went in anxiety.

Last month I was sitting and browsing Net I came across Site of Sai Leela on Net and & I got engrossed in reading for almost 4 hours. A strong desire came to my mind to visit Shirdi, but I was not sure of bank balance, hence I logged in on Line and I was surprised RS 3000/ were deposited, few minutes back in to my saving Bank Account. I could not trace, who deposited it. I took this as an indication and left for Shirdinext day. I got bus w/o reservation and I reached Shirdi. I attended Darshan twice and tears started flowing when I saw BABA. I decide to stay in Shirdi for One Day. On return journey, I started reading Sai Satcharitra; I read 7 Chapters & completed my 1st reading in 7 days. In my my aII reading I prayed BABA to solve this property problem, and I got a call on 3rd day, the person met me in Hotel and accepted my refund of RS 51,000/ and signed a document of no dues with me. Sai saved me. I rented the flat to another good family.

I don’t claim to be a good devotee. 3 types of Bhaktas are there. 1st One – One who start worship without being told, 2nd type are those, who will try to worship, when being told and reminded , and 3rd type, are those who neglect, to practice, when they are told. I fall in 3rd category. Sainath has said that I will pull those who forget me, I will not leave them even though they forget me, I will pull them like a sparrow towards Me.

Dasganu Maharaj, was persuaded to leave his police job by BABA, But every time he disobeyed Sai. Ultimately Sai arranged things in such a way that he had to resign from Police department Or to accept to get into to Jail. Dasganu accepted to obeyed Sai, resigned Police duty and became famous. OM SHREE SAINATHAY NAM!!



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