Sai Baba’s Miracle In getting University Admission -Sai Devotee from Canada

Sai devotee from Canada says: Dear friends, to introduce myself, I am nothing but a mud. I cannot claim myself to be a Sai devotee because I don’t have any good qualities a true Baba devotee should have. But I love Him and believe He lives with my family. He has shown His presence and guidance to my family in every single day and every single event. His miracles to us are uncountable. I would like to share one of His blessings for us. This is my first post, and if Baba wills I will post more and more of His miracle to us here. 

From my childhood, I am not a clever person and I never showed any interest in studies. I did my schooling and bachelor degree in India but I never learned anything, just for name sake I completed my studies, passed the degree with very average border marks. After almost 10 years of completing my degree, I was working in so many places, but not really relevant to my education. We moved to Canada and again started to work just for food and accommodation. At one point my wife said I need to do my Master program, hence there will be a new opportunity for getting a good job and our life will be financially stable. We know that my GPA (grade) is very poor that even getting admission in Indian University is very tough. But I applied for one of the World’s top University, as we lived in the same city, trusting just Baba, Within 2 months I got rejection letter stating that my GPA is very low. I lost hope and said to my wife that I am not eligible for any improvement in life. But my wife is a very strong devotee of Baba, she said, leave it to Baba, and He will get you the admission. She knows I cannot survive without any good education, and she prayed to Sai. 

Within few weeks, we went to the University and asked feedback regarding my application and the entire situation changed because of Baba’s miracle, Assistant dean of the University said that they are happy to take me, but I need to do a course (one module) and pass with 60% at least. We were really in a shock and we know how Baba is blessing us. I did that course (it was Baba Who did for me) and got 80% with His help. Now I got admission in one of the World’s best University. Believe me, Baba got this admission with full Scholarship (100%) for me, What can I say about His miracle. He makes the lame man walk, blind man see and useless man like me who don’t have even eligibility for application to get University offer with full Scholarship. Trust Him. He Will do the rest. His miracles are uncountable, innumerable. Om Sai Ram 

babaji be with me for ever


  1. Dear ,
    I am one of the sai baba devotee and my stories meet your experiences. I do have numerous uncountable miracles in my life too.
    whatever life i am enjoying now is blessings of my baba .i am so blissful of his grace .
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience .These experiences will increase the trust and faith in many devotees.

    From ,
    Sai Devotee


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