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Sai Baba’s Miracle on our Visa – Devotee from USA

Sai Devotee  Balaji from USA says: I am Balaji, a humble devotee of our beloved Saimaa from Michigan USA.

Om Sai Ram. Bowing my head to this blog and to all the Sai devotees who is reading this wonderful Leelas of Sai. We are here in USA on L1 visa. Due to medical condition of our younger son Shri Nikesh, we were in position to extend our stay here to continue therapy and treatments in Children’s Hospital. Normally in our company they won’t do H1 Visa’s but from last year onwards they have started to do for critical resources. Though I am not a critical resource in our company, I approached my management whether they will do H1 visa or not? Initially I didn’t approach them for medical reason. In Jan 2013 I was told that they are in process of short listing and not sure whether I am in the list or not. We prayed Baba for our extension and put a lot in front of Baba. Baba told that we will continue our stay here. Last week of February 13, they informed few people to submit the documents for H1 processing. I was again told that my name hasn’t been included inthe list because of various reasons. At this time I approached my management with medical reasons. On Mar 12th 2013, again I got an email from management that they can’t process my H1.

We were somewhat depressed but still we had hope that our stay will be continued. On Mar 14th, Thursday, I came to office and prayed Baba that I will start Guruvar Vrat from today and asked his help for H1. After one hour of my prayer, I got a call from my manager that my H1 process has been approved by director and HR and asked me send the documents to process. It was purely Baba’s blessings. Again another twist happened. This year US government is going to have lottery system to select people for H1 Visa. We got a note from office that they have submitted all the applications by April 1st and they US Govt is going to put lottery on April 7th.

After two weeks of time slowly people are getting notified that their application has been selected in the lottery . Everybody in my office got the details about their process in April 3rd week. As per my knowledge I am the one who left out. I asked with my HR but they responded that there is no notification from US Govt yet. On Apr 24th in my mobile, I asked Baba whether my application will be processed or not at 11.04 am. I got the answer stating that “You will get a answer in 24 hours”. The next day being Baba’s day, I thought something will happen. Yes, as Baba promised, I got email at 11.00 am from my HR that my application has been selected in Lottery. Tears rolled out from my eyes and thanked Baba whole heartedly. Below is my response to the HR and my manager “You won’t believe. It is a miracle kind of. I have an application in my phone through which we get answer from our Guru (Divine Master). Yesterday I asked about my H1 Status at 11.04am. I got an answer saying “You will get a reply within 24 hrs.”

Yes. It happened before 11.04am today. Thanks a lot for your help and efforts” My manager responded as “Wow. I need to download that app “. I prayed Baba that please Baba show your presence to them by some way. Baba always asked dakshina from his children that are Shradha and Saburi. For me it has been written that nothing should happen easily. To test my Saburi, I got RFE (Request for Evidence) from US Govt on my H1. Some of my colleague got approvals and some got RFE. HR forwarded me that RFE which has 13 pages and informed that this is a very complicated RFE. All other RFE’s are so simple like mark sheets or pay slips. Myself and my wife prepared on my RFE for a week. We prayed Baba to help on preparing documents. After Guruvar pooja, I went to my friend’s house to distribute the Prasad. I told him about my RFE. He asked to approach another colleague who is a Sai devotee for this RFE and who also got similar RFE last year. He gave me a sample documents to prepare for my RFE. Thanked Baba for that.

I had discussion with my Manager and HR and prepared the documents for long. With Baba’s blessings, we prepared all the documents and submitted in the last moment. i.e Oct 2 was the last date and we submitted on Oct 1st to the US Govt. After 10 days I started Satcharitra parayan for 7 days. My wife checked the status of my H1 on Oct 19th. It has been updated that my H1 has been approved from Oct 17th (Thursday). As gift of our Shradha on Baba and being Saburi, Baba gave us the maximum period of stay in US. My humble request to all Sai Devotees to be humble and be patience and place your head on the lotus feet of our beloved Baba. Thanks a lot Baba to give us this opportunity to share your wonderful leelas with other Sai Bandhus. Om Sai Ram.


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