Sai Blessed With A Job – Sai Devotee Biplab Ji from India

Biplab Ji from India says: I left my job in Oct 2012 and sat back for a new opportunity. Nothing was clicking on my way. One of my friends advised me to take refuge under the lotus feet of Sai Baba. Prior to that I only knew Baba as pious saint of highest order, but never worshiped or prayed before. I traveled to Shirdi and surrendered before Baba and returning back I started doing Sai Vrat(vow) on Thursday for 13 such Thursday, but yielded no result.

I keep my hope, patience intact and keep on praying Baba on morning and evening and have beenreading Sai Satcharitra every day. There is one temple nearby my house under Banyan and Neem tree. My sister-in-law one day called me and said, she had dream Baba telling her that “I am sitting under patch of darkness every night; arrange some light for me on that temple”. And she told me to act accordingly.

I immediately went to the temple where Baba’s small idol was found and started doing worship in morning and evening seamlessly from that day onwards. Meanwhile, I got interviewed for a position abroad on 9th March 2013 at New Delhi. Mind here, I returned from Shirdi on 19th February 2013 and got interview call on 9th March. And also two more interview calls, but was unsuccessful. I was hopeful to get congrats call from the interviewer of 9th March 2013. But nothing was favoring my way.

Meanwhile, I continued to pray Baba and many a occasion was expressing doubt before Him telling that ” You must be by now the Godman of rich people and devotee, who can offer valuable presents, and You listen to them only. Otherwise where is the gap in my offering prayer to You that You are not accepting my prayer for a job”. This continues even April, May, June 2013 and in the mid month of July 2013, getting impatient and with towering anger. I told Baba that, if you are considering me as Your priest to come morning and evening everyday to perform puja only than I am sorry. I cannot be a priest. Therefore, if You do not bless me by a job latest by 31st July 2013, I will  stop coming to Your temple from 1st August 2013.

On 1st August 2013, my wife called me walking beside the temple on her way to office that Baba’s head broken from the idol (Marble idol) and found lying on the floor. I was in deep trauma and tears on my eyes trying to figure out how can it happen. Who can do this evil! Even last evening I prayed and found Him in His own state. I went there and found someone has tried to pacify with favicol gum and joined the headbut on my touch it again tumbled.

I came back with a thought to commission one more idol of Baba in consultation with the temple committee available in evening only and at the same time to do emersion as early as possible. An hour after returning back at home, I got the congratulation call from the interviewer(9th March 2013) that I have to join them as Director in Tanzania by 15 days time and as I write the blog now from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

What a blessings by great guru Sai Baba with a salary package never thought of. Even today, I do two times pray and always pray to my Baba, please accept my humble offer that You be my everything in life as I have surrendered my life to You and my breath even be taken at Your will, ordain and wish.

Baba’s emersion done by me. Mandir committee could not succeed to install Baba neither they allowed me to do so. Probably Baba don’t want to be there anymore because He has taken all my odds on Him to make a carpeted path for my success. I visited Shirdi with the contract letter to have His blessings before I left India. My message to all Sai devotees that, “Repose full faith and take refuge under the lotus feet of Baba with your problem of absolute necessity, have patience and perseverance” Baba will surely bless. He has never turned down any prayer from a genuine devotee. ‘Om Sai Ram” Jai Gurudeva.


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