Sai Blessing for My Son – Devotee from USA

Sai devotee from USA says:  Thank you for doing this wonderful work, I came to know about this blog a couple of months ago and since then my day starts and ends reading this blog. I have been experiencing a lot of bliss these couple of months. There have been many experiences but today I would like to share one which is very close to my heart and thinking of which still gives me the same happiness as of that day when it actually happened. Dear friends and Baba devotees please forgive me for any mistake. Also please make necessary changes if needed. 

I live in USA & this happened sometime in the year 2011. I have a son who is now 7 yr old. During that time we were going through very tough time financially. My husband had lost his job and we had a big mortgage to pay for and with no savings. My son was not keeping too well. He was getting sick every now and then. That’s when I started to pray to our Sai Maa to make things right and to bless us with some good health and financial stability. One day I was at a friend’s house who is also a Sai devotee & she has a huge Picture of Baba (almost about 7ft) in her Pooja room where we were sitting and she was telling me her experience about how wonderfully Baba had blessed her son when she went for Darshan to India. Both of our kids were playing together upstairs. While she was narrating her experience a thought came to my mind asking Baba that how come You have not blessed my child? 

As soon as this thought came to my mind something wonderful happened. My son, who was playing upstairs suddenly came down and prostrated in front of the Sai’s Picture. As me and my friend were just sitting there talking, we were amazed as he has never done that before. Now what’s to follow is even more amazing. He (my son) also did Namasakar (i.e. kneeling down touching his forehead on the floor). Now what had happened was that my friend had done her Pooja in the morning and left the dish with Kumkum (a powder used for social and religious markings) on the floor, so, as soon as my son knelt down to touch his forehead to the floor, his head instead touched the inside of Pooja dish (that was lying on the floor) and so when he got up his hair was all red with Kumkum. I was amazed and speechless to see this Leela of Sai Maa. Not only Baba blessed my son but He, in His own way did Tilak (a red mark on forehead) of Kumkum on my son’s forehead. I got all teared up. My friend didn’t understand why I was getting so emotional. I then explained to her about everything and she too was very thrilled about what had happened. So this is how wonderfully Baba fulfilled my wish and blessed my son. Since then my son is keeping good health. Here I would like plead to all Sai devotees out there that no matter where you are keep talking to Our beloved Sai through thoughts and actions even if you think that He is not responding to your prayers but He is always listening to us His children. My humble prayer to our Sai Maa is please always shower Your blessings and love to me and my family and please be with us every day and always. Om Sai Ram



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