Sai cured his devotee and blessed her with a Baby girl

Sairam friends,

I have seen devotees getting panic when they get into some difficulty or problem. They can’t do prayers or even think of doing pooja with devotion when they face problems. The wise devotee alone can find time to think about Sai even during worst times. I like the devotion showed by this Sweet devotee during her pregnancy and how Sai blessed her with a baby girl.





Ananthakoti Rajadhiraj Sachidanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj

My happiness knew no bounds in the month of November 2011 when I learnt I was pregnant. Me, my husband and my 6 year old daughter were very elated. But the happiness was short lived and a lot of unforeseen circumstances. In the month
of February 2011 in my blood tests my blood platelet levels were very low about 87000. Numerous tests were conducted and I was referred to a Hematologist who predicted that I could have blood cancer.

They collected about 20 test tubes of blood for the blood tests . Me and my entire family and friends prayed for my well being . I was heart broken.

Just a month before this incident I was introduced to Sai Baba by my husband and I was very interested and surprised to learn of the miracles of the great God. I took shelter at his feet praying that I should be well.

Now, for the miracle part. My cousin in Dubai met a lady and was told about a miracle photo of Sai Baba. With that photo there would be a lot of blessings and
healings in the home that it is kept. In the meanwhile I was reading about Sai Baba on the net regularly and deeply wished to read “ Sai Satcharitra “. My cousin got to know about my ill health from other family members and called me and told
that she would send that photo by courier from Dubai to USA.

I thanked Baba in my heart and was eagerly waiting for the picture. I didn’t tell her about my wish of reading the book but to my surprise on the upcoming Thursday I received the Sai Satcharitra by courier. I really could feel that Baba is the inner
ruler of all of us and if we sincerely ask for something we shall accomplish it. I did 2 saptahs and then after that read the book

The doubts continued from the Dr. and two Bone Marrow Biopsies were done one during pregnancy and one after delivery but the results were negative. My tears knew no bounds and every minute every second I could only thank God and my family members.

My visit to Shirdi is yet pending which for some reason can be done only after one year. Sai’s wish ! I am waiting to touch your holy grounds . I believe that Sai has made me write this and its Also everyday I used to have Sai’s udi mixed in water and write Sai’s name on my tummy and I have a wonderful baby girl named after Sai today.

I have seen many suffering , I pray to Sai to put an end to everyone’s suffering’s and miseries as he is such a great

May Sai bless all of us and our families !!



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