Sai Decision- Devotee from India

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a person from a middle class family and Baba means a lot for me. , I really don’t know how to thank you for creating such a platform to express our feelings towards Sai Nath. Baba I am writing this blog just to tell you that I need your help. Through this I appeal to all Your devotees to help me what to do. Your devotees are one of the pure form of Your true love.I want to share something, which is going on in my life and I am not in a situation to take any Decision. It’s just I have kept it in Sai’s Holy Feet.

I am into a relationship with a guy. It’s been approx 2 years now. When I came into his life, he was already committed to someone else or was coming out of that relationship as it was not working at his family’s part. After knowing everything I was with him every moment and we came so far.

I have faced all kind of things to just to make him realize that how mush I love him. Whenever I use to ask him for marriage, he use to give me some or the other excuse. After waiting and crying and hurting myself, we finally decided to get married, but still he has certain conditions. I have some hormonal problems and because of that it is possible that I might face problem in conceiving. And since the very firstday of our relation, I never tried to hide anything from him. He used to ignore the talks of our marriage, but now he has realized that I love him a lot. He is ready to get married, but he wants me to go to the doctor and get myself checked. If I could conceive or not and if not then we cannot get married. I know I can conceive as it’s just a hormonal disorder, but not anything serious. My doctor told me that I can, but it is possible that there may be problems related to baby’s growth and that too is not sure this problem may occur, but chances are very less. Meanwhile all this hurting things, I came across another guy, who is a divorced person, but a very nice person and he and his family are ok with marriage thing also and tomorrow my family and his family will meet and fix up everything. I don’t know what to do.

I have told my first guy everything and it’s really hurting that he wants me to go to the doctor first. If this is what is called Love, then I don’t think he loves me or he wants me in his life. I have kept everything in Baba’s holy feet and I am letting my life flow according to Baba’s Decision. I request to all the devotees through this platform to pray to Sai Nath for me and I beg you guys to tell Baba Ji to show me what is right for me. I know and my heart knows how much I loved my first guy, but from his side I have faced only pains only pains. Baba has done a lot for me and wherever I have reached so far in my life it’s just because of HIS Grace.


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