Sai Devotee Experience; Miracle Stories

Here we present one of the sai devotee experience and miracle stories.

I have experienced hundreds of miracles of the Great Sai Baba. Here, I will mention just two of them because if I start writing about all of them, it would go up to 100 pages. I am a Central Government officer in New Delhi and am a devotee of Maa Durga. I didn’t know much about Sai Baba before 2001. In 2001, when my husband got a transfer back from Madhya Pradesh to New Delhi, his colleagues gave him a statue of Sai Baba as a farewell gift.  While unpacking his suitcase, I found the statue in a cardboard box. When I saw the statue of Sai Baba, I thought to myself that we don’t even worship him and they should rather have given some more useful gift like crockery, etc.  I didn’t know at that time that this was to be my most priceless possession for the rest of my life. Those days I was very very anxious about my daughter, who had passed her 12th board exam with very average marks. I knew that she couldn’t get admission in Delhi University, where the cut off is extremely high and did not know where to get her admitted so that her future would be secure.  I was so anxious that day and night I was worried about this…about her studies, her job and whatnot. Meanwhile, I had stored away from the Baba statue.  Now the miracle part. Just a week or two after Baba’s arrival at our home, my earlier boss retired and a new boss joined.  The new boss was a staunch devotee of Sai Baba. Just a few days later I chanced to speak with his wife (who is also a great devotee of Baba) on phone.  While casually talking to her, I shared with her my anxiety about my daughter’s future. She gently told me that she would send me a book – Sai Sat Charitra and that if I wished, I could read it Thursday to Thursday with a prayer to Baba to grant my wish and then see what happens.

Sai Baba Devotee Experience.
Sai Baba Devotee Experience.

That’s when I started reading the book and I hadn’t even completed it when my sister, who was a lecturer in the University of Delhi, called me up and told me that a new Professional Course University…GGSIPU had been opened and there were many new courses introduced. The competitive exam forms had come out.  I made my daughter fill the forms for some of the courses and she appeared in the exams.  She got very good ranking in the Mass Communication course entrance and got admission in “free seats” by virtue of her merit. She was very happy doing graduation and secured very good marks. She got a very good job just after finishing the course and has been progressing in her career by leaps and bounds. No need to say that after completing the Sai Satcharitra in one week, I developed a true love for Baba. I took out the idol and have been praying to it for the last 18 years now. And I have read Sai Satcharitra innumerable times….whenever I am in trouble, I read it and the problem is sorted out.  Today, I think what would be the case if Baba hadn’t come to my home.

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Sai Miracle.
Sai Miracle.

The second incident also relates to my younger daughter.  She was in Class 10th and had appeared for her Board exams.  She was also pretty average in studies.  In 2008, her Board exam result was about to be announced on Thursday.  I was very jittery because she had not performed well at all and I was expecting her to fail.  I could also not find time to read Sai Satcharitra for this purpose, for some reason or the other. However, on Wednesday it was announced that the result would be declared on Friday.  I got up at 4 AM on Thursday, took a bath, finished my cooking and at about 5.30 AM started reading the book.  I continued reading except for a short break for cooking at noon.  By evening 8.00 PM I had finished the whole book…One week’s reading in one day!!! Next day was the result day and thank God and thank my Sai Baba, my daughter secured 70% marks, thus washing away all my worries.

I have numerous experiences to share, which I promise to do later. That’s all about one of the sai devotee experience. Keep praying Shirdi Sai, he will surely bless you!.

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