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Sai Devotee Experiences:

Sai Devotee Experiences # 1:

Sai  Devotee from India writes: I feel happy to talk about my experiences with each one of you personally and can Baba bless you with happiness and all of your dreams and wishes come true. Please forgive me if you find any mistakes in my write-up. Don’t recall when just Baba entered into my life, from my childhood, I recall there was one photograph which my mother asked my neighbour uncle to bring and she also paid and it appears like a background, she’d glued in my walls, and she was able to say Baba tata (we usually call grandfather as thata, I still recall, I had been calling Baba because thata during my childhood), I believe in God, each time I was able to beg all Gods for my own education, from my childhood, my dad was giving me everything, excellent schooling, excellent school, clothing and meals whichever I like. During my school, my dad went to Shirdi and attracted Sai photo with framework and Sai Satcharitra publication, he attracted but no one had been reading that novel, no one is aware of the publication, but I had been praying Baba too, I had been in hostel during my graduation and one of my friends was also praying Sai Baba, she was used to quickly full day, I was only thinking rather than pleading Baba alone, but I used to beg all Gods.

Then my father’s financial position gets quite bad, he used to assist so lots of people, however, he is not able to devote money, Baba helped me to finish my  M.B.A.. During my M.B.A, I got an opportunity to visit Shirdi, within an industrial visit we’ve visited Pune and while coming back we visited Shirdi. I have prayed Baba to get something, but that hasn’t occurred, today if I think about it, I believe, Baba gave me much better than that which I have asked him to give. I arrived back in Shirdi. Completed faculty, fought a lot. Stayed in relatives home and I have decided, I must do something and apparent my dad debts, luckily I got the job. My first salary in 2005 was 6000 rupees, I worked there and wages wasn’t sufficient for me to clean my dad debts, I had been working as an HR and decided to select any occupation in IT, came to Hyderabad, one of my friends suggested me to perform the testing program, I did.

During that time, there was a Sai temple near to my hostel, I used to beg him every Thursday day, I got the job. Seriously my first job, I did in the USA for Citi group, my father has a dream that I need to repay in the USA. But at that time I went on a business visa and remained there for 2 months, even though I got less amount, my father has 2 surpasses debt at that time, I purchased 1 lakh and applied for a private loan and cleared all my father debts. I was working in Chennai and staying in Mandeville, there was a temple in Mylapore, I used to visit. One day my friend (college friend who used to pray Baba) called me and asked me to chant “Om Dhana Mangalya Pradayanamaha” for 42 times for 42 days to get married, and also asked me to do pradakshina for 9 times on 9 Thursdays days, during my 4th or 5th Thursday day, one marriage proposal came, I didn’t like much, since I am the only child to my parents, I feel and anticipated that a person who needs to be very much caring, but how he talked to me was not up to my expectations, I told my parents, that they didn’t listen and I was looking for a man who is settled in overseas, my mother was able to scold me, we’re not rich, how would you anticipate an NRI to be your life partner, at last, I got married to the guy, I told above and moved to Hyderabad.

My marriage occurred in a Marriage Function Hall, half of this function hall stage was Sai Temple. I didn’t realize that Sai Mahima at the time, my sister-in-law (husband sister) read Satcharitra because of his brother marriage, what a coincidence, lately I understood. Baba just forced us live together and initially it was quite tough to adapt to his character, he will not mingle with friends and other people, I like to invest with individuals, we began with a new home, in our own pooja room photograph has Sai photo, I used to sit and shout. I have conceived along with my husband began so much caring, and Baba blessed a girl, she had been born on 31st March 2011(Thursday), although my in-laws are miserable as she is a baby girl, I believe she is Baba Prasad for me personally. Here also if she created I didn’t realize Baba was with me, today recollecting every experience and sharing. Again my dad began drinking and his debts were 4 lakhs, I was scared to tell my husband and in the time I recall Sai Satcharitra, I read it, and I got a solution, my husband confessed to assisting my dad and I have paid the sum. I have begun going to office following my maternity leave, I fight a lot to achieve a fantastic position with dedication and honest in my profession, somehow I didn’t like the company in which I was working, I had been thinking, Baba gives me an onsite opportunity. And began reading Satcharitra, I cannot believe that instant, I have cleared 3 rounds of interview and moved to Japan, it turned out to be an international organization, several profiles delivered to this opportunity and I had been the one travelled.

I began believing strongly and if I had been in trouble and feeling bad, I visit Baba photo on the car back side mirror, suddenly in my business, there were layoffs. I prayed Baba and asked him like if the job is secure your photo should appear, I could not find a single photo. I have decided that I am going to lose my job, the same day I got a call from HR and I obtained 3 Months wages and they relieved me from the business. Though I have 7 years experience it had been tough for me to get a job, I was at home for 1 week, started reading satcharitra, I got a call from a business where I have selected and got a promotion to another level, but salary is lesser compared to the previous firm. One of my colleagues that there asked me to begin 9 months Vrath, I have asked for onsite and started Vrath, immediately I have travelled to the USA. Baba is with me always, he is there and he will be there. Do not worry, simply leave it to Baba, he will take care, I started reading Satcharitra from 2011 September, till that time though I have satcharitra with me personally, I do not know the Mahima and I didn’t realize Baba aid, he helped me many times, now I am relating them and therefore happy to talk with all of you. Baba blessings will be with us, he will be with us, he will take care of us, I have begun reading this experiences recently through one of my family friends, I really feel like sharing my own experience. Thanks so much Sai, help everyone.

Sai Devotee Experiences # 2:

Sai Blessings.
Sai Blessings.

Sai Sister from the US writes Thanks for giving this opportunity to post about the unconditional love and blessings of Shirdi Sai Baba. Baba was in my life for the past 6 years, constantly believe in Baba. I can feel the presence of Baba everywhere.

We have to clear the examinations in the USA to work as a physician. I cleared the first two examinations with all the blessings of Baba, but the next one was the practical one. I wasn’t very good at English, so I was scared to give that examination. But anyway I need to give the examination since days were running out. I gave the exam but wasn’t confident about my exam, after finishing my examination. We moved to Baba temple which is close to my exam center, I prayed to Baba that second time I will see You only with all the good news. Then days passed by, I had been waiting for my response, I along with my husband began to perform Vrat, meanwhile, we have an opportunity to visit that city so we went to visit Baba, however, the temple was shut, I was angry. After two weeks I got the result that I passed only due to Baba. I am going to observe the Baba with a fantastic result, I cannot restrain my tears, that is why He didn’t let us see Him. Baba helped me to keep the promise. You’re everything to us, Baba.

My second experience is all about my delivery. During my delivery time, my water got broke in my home, however, my son pooped even before he had been delivered, as a physician I knew it was going to be complicated. We had been praying for the Baba whole time, I had been pushing him for more than 3 hours nothing happened, I lost my expectation, I had been scared to death, but My Baba didn’t let us alone, because of His blessings we blessed with cute baby boy, we called him as Sai, he is now 15 months old and healthy. Whenever I visit the sentence Why Fear When I am here, I really feel like I could touch the skies with my Baba’s support. Samardha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!.

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