Sai Divya Pooja Procedure on Thursday

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Procedure of Sri Sai Divya Pooja:-

  1. One should do this divya pooja on Thursday.
  2. Do not fast while doing this divya pooja. Eat your meal. Baba does not like anybody fasting.
  3. One should take a vote to do the divya pooja for 5 or 7 or 11 or 21 Thursdays.
  4. Women, men, and kids can do this pooja.
  5. Anyone from any religion, or caste can do this pooja.
  6. Do this pooja with full devotion and faith in Sai baba.

This is a really great and miraculous pooja you can exepect results very quickly, but make sure you do this sacred pooja with great devotion on baba. Before starting the divya pooja take a small white piece of cloth  which has the size of your palm. Put it in turmeric water and  make it to dry the previous day.

Sri Sai baba pooja
Sri Sai baba pooja

On the Thursday that you begin the pooja. Put babas idol or photo on a new piece of cloth in your shrine or pooja room. Put some chandanam and tilakam for baba. According to your shradha and financial capacity make a mala of sweet scented flowers (Baba likes rose flowers) and put it for baba. Offer lamps with ghee. Offer Agarbathi and dhoop. Keep Lord Ganesha idol or photo or any other gods photos along with Baba while doing this puja.

After having kept everything ready for the divya pooja in front of baba put a 1 or 2 rupee or dollar coin or any other currency coins in the turmeric piece of cloth and tie it. Tell and pray baba your wish and do sankalpa to do the pooja for 5 or  7 or 11 or 21 weeks. Keep this next to baba. You need to tie the rupee or any other coin in the cloth only on the first Thursday you begin the pooja.

Keep some mix of flowers for the pooja. Do a Namaskar to Sai and say the ashtotram while putting flowers or flower petals on sai baba. Then read the sai sachirtira book try finish by last Thursday of pooja.

Then sing babas songs or meditate on baba, give arathi and make Kichidi for prasadam and offer it to baba. After finishing the number of weeks you have vowed to do. You need to do udyapana, Invite, ladies, men or kids  or any orphans or poor to your house as many as you can, give them Kichidi as Prasad and then this book.

According to your wish you can distribute 5 or 11 or 21 or 51 or 101 books. Sai satchiritra (Baba Life story) book which propagates Sais miracles and fame. Anybody can distribute these books in any number, The more books you can distribute, the more better blessings you get.

You should not do this pooja without eating anything. Baba does not like fasting. You must eat when doing this pooja. Baba said “ If any one meditates on me with an empty stomach, he can’t see the god with empty stomach”

After you have taken a vow and finished the divya pooja (5 or 7 or 11 or 21 weeks) you can take a vow and do it again for 5, 11 or 21 weeks. If you cannot do the pooja on a particular Thursday due to some circumstances do it the next Thursday. Make sure you finish the number of Thursdays you took the vow for. Do the pooja only in your house.

Start Sai Divya Pooja with the Sai ashtortram. 


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  1. What to do with the coin after Pooja ?
    What if we are not able to invite people ? Can we distribute prasad in temple ?

    • Sure, you can collect those coins, you can deposit in Shirdi Hundi. If you are unable to invite people , you can distribute at temple or any other place where people are starving for food. we do the same.

    • Hi I just want to know that wether this Divya Puja can be performed in evening time on Thursday ? As I am working so it gets little difficult to prepare the Khichadi prashadam etc in the morning time. Please guide me Jai Sai Ram

  2. A query: Should we leave the puja setup and the cloth with the coin undisturbed for the entire number of weeks we vow to do the puja? or Can we tidy up the shrine and setup for the puja afresh every Thursday as per our vow?

  3. query: Should we leave the puja setup and the cloth with the coin undisturbed for the entire number of weeks we vow to do the puja? or Can we tidy up the shrine and setup for the puja afresh every Thursday as per our vow

  4. Hi,

    I started sai divya pooja and 3 weeks completed. my mother don’t know about that and she take that coins and flowers and put it in a dustbin. Can I continue with that coin or I need to start again. can anyone please suggest me

  5. Sairam
    I promised to do pooja for 21 weeks for a wish. I completed 21 weeks of pooja and I didn’t do the udyapana on the 21st week as I was in a thought that it was 20th week. As I was preparing for the udyapana I realised that it is 22nd week.. I don’t know what I should do now. Am in depression that all my 21weeks of pooja is wasted. I have done this pooja for a important work. Please give me suggestion

    Waiting for your reply…


  6. Sairam, suppose I will do Divya puja for 7 days… Every day I need to change the turmaric cloth or the same cloth I have to keep? Kindly suggest me admin….


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