Sai Gave me a Job! – Devotee from Delhi, India

Sai Devotee from India says: I am 24 years old Female from Delhi, India. . This is an incident of year 2009. I was pursuing MBA (Power Management) and was an average student. We were only 9 girls out of total strength (77). Competition was very tough as I had major drawback. I was a science student and over 90 % of students were engineers. Placement companies always prefer engineer student over B.Sc students. Giving little background about my life, my mother and father really sacrificed a lot for getting me admit into MBA course during 2007. My father’s small business had gone into toss and we were in deep financial crises. Money was needed for studies of my 5 year younger brother. At that time, my relatives were strictly against my parent’s decision of me getting into MBA as they had view at such tight situation, you should save money for son’s education and why to waste such a massive amount on daughter’s education. Still, my mother took the decision and with the help from my Mama-ji (uncle), I started my MBA.

During 2009, when my course was about to complete and placements started, it really a very scary and tough phase for all of us as recession was at its peak. Very few companies came as compared to last year. With such scarce opportunities and competing with Engineering background students, my chances were bleak. Still, during those 2 years of my MBA, I used to go to Sai Baba Temple regularly on Thursdays. I used to pray wholeheartedly from my job as lot of things were on stake for my family during that time. During last semester, I was frantically praying to Sai Baba and cried a lot in front of Him. I would like to mention that during that phase, I never did any Parayan or 9 Thursday Vrat. It was my heart crying to Baba with sincere praying. With 3 months to left in completing my course, a very reputed company came on campus. By God’s grace, I had got chance to do internship in that company and interviewer was the one under who I did my training. He was from Maharashtra, 60 years old with white beard. Resembling our loving Baba. After the interview, our results were expected that very day. But it got delayed and you won’t believe guys, due to some unforeseen problem with HR, our result got delayed for over 4 weeks. Guess, Baba was testing my patience. I spent those 4 weeks in great disturbance as no other company had come after that. Finally by Baba’s grace, result came and I was one of the 4 students who got selected in the company. It was such a precious and beautiful moment and absolutely Baba’s blessings. Thank You Baba


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