Sai Grace On Me – Shiridi Sai Devotee From India

Om sairam…
Saibaba’s blessings…
Let the world enjoy the pearls of my wisdom…
Dear Sai devotees,
I have a good news for u all. I am really happy to share a wonder about sri saibaba. For the past few years , I was suffering from asthma and diabetes. I had no remedy from the treatments from several doctors. I prayed many times to babaji regarding this. Because of this disease ,day and night i have experienced the pain of death. At that situation, i meditated in front of babaji one night. There i prayed wholeheartedly “Babaji give me an opportunity to make my breath easy. Show me a way to relieve myself from this disease. Shower your Godly love and mercy upon me.” After some days i went to a shop where some ladies made some persons to sit and they were doing something which was strange to me. When i enquired them about it , they said that it was “SANJEEVI NAADI SUDTHI “. This is not breathing exercise(pranayama). When i asked them “What is the use of it?” . They answered that it will balance our breath. By doing this naadi sudthi, 72000 pulses in our body are cleansed. That is we can breathe with ease.(They were not doctors) I asked whether they can do it for me. One of the women came forward to help me. Before she started she instructed me to breathe deeply for three times. Then she started doing it. After she completed SANJEEVI NAADI SUDTHI she told me to take a deep breathe. I felt a very good difference in my breathing. They treated me only for two to three minutes. I was really surprised because after a long time i was able to breathe well. But i was unable to believe it. I enquired them about the place where it is taught and came out.

Om Sai Ram!.
Om Sai Ram!.

I was thinking about all the pain and suffering i was undergoing because of this disease. I also spent lot of money for treatments from several doctors. That complete day, i was able to breathe well. At good times we forget babaji and in the same way in my daily routine i forgot about this incident. After one week again i was not able to breathe properly. I was just saying baba’s name in my heart. And finally after some hours i became normal. The next day i went out with my colleagues for a work in office. On the way i stopped my vehicle near a tea shop to drink tea. I was thinking about this asthma problem while drinking tea. There was babaji’s photo in that shop. I prayed to him again. At that time two persons came to that shop. One among them said ,”Still you are blabbering and i have shown you the way already. Go to that place. Everything will be alright”. After that they didn’t talk. The prayer i made to baba and that man’s talk coincided. My conscience said that it was baba’s voice. Then i remembered SANJEEVI NAADI SUDTHI TREATMENT undergone by me before one week. Immediately i contacted that centre and enquired details about it. They said that the class was only for one day. I went there immediately. Before lunch SANJEEVI NAADI SUDTHI practice started. Before that i was given dhiksha. The practice was done with my eyes closed. I felt very easy to breathe at that time. I was thanking babaji wholeheartedly. At that time they instructed to open my eyes. When i opened my eyes i saw babaji’s statue there. It was just like babaji asking me “Are u satisfied now?” with a gentle smile. I had tears of happiness in my eyes.

Sai Bhagwan.
Sai Bhagwan.

Then they taught easy meditating ways. I consider that after lunch break only babaji gave me a true gift of happiness. They also taught how to use this wonderful , marvelous and surprising Godly love in our routine life. Yes , the power with which great saints like yogis , nayanmars and aazhvars did wonders to this world and they taught in a very good and easy manner how to bring out these powers within us and use it for the sake of this whole world so that we could receive bounty of blessings. I became normal after doing this practice. My BP and sugar level are normal now. When each person share their experience from relief of diseases i was surprised to the core. When our breath is clear everything is perfect. That is the reason why pranayama practices originated. At today’s situation if we do pranayama practices we will get breathing shortness and we would not do that practice again. We can solve this problem through naadi sudthi practice. Many persons following ancient and traditional medication such as siddha , acupuncture and yoga are willingly learning this class. This class of power of Godly love changed my lifestyle like a miracle. The problems which i considered as unsolvable are easily solved through this practice. I can see people with negative thoughts moving away from me automatically. More than that there is development in my business and profits. Do we want anything more than this in life . It’s all Sai’s grace and love. Om Sai Ram!!.

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