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Sai Devotee from India Says: I started working in an IT company since 2010 and I was travelling everyday more than 2.5 hours to reach my office from my house. So totally 5 hours travel for both ways. Due to some reasons I have got body pains from head to toe. This pain increased when I started travelling. Not only this I started getting head ache and neck pain as I am spending at my computer for more than 8 hours daily. My neck pain increased severely and I was unable to lift my hands because of the pain. So I went to Ortho doctor and started taking physiotherapy treatment as per his advice. I tried other treatments too but I could see no improvements in my health. My performance in my office too came down. Shirdi Sai Baba is my only hope. I pray to Him daily asking for job change or location change. In my company we have many branches within in the city and one was near  to my home. I prayed Sai that I should get shifted to that branch and I was in fasting for nine weeks. And one thing for sure I know that the office branch near my home was very very tough to get as many of seniors who have tried for that branch never got into that. I know that whatever happens in my life is all because of Sai baba.

Sai is my Mother & Father

When I started my Nine weeks fasting, I was facing many problems like my health getting very worse day by day. I don’t even have stamina to sit and work for Five hours and all my colleagues started talking about my performance. My fasting got over and Finally i decided to take about two weeks leave as my health was very bad. To my shock my seniors in the project decided to take me out of the project and they removed me after a week. I was in a situation not knowing what to do with this health condition. In this situation, during my Birthday and Two weeks after fasting, I went to a Sai Baba temple and paid 700 rupees to temple because during fasting I prayed Baba that after finishing my fasting successfully I will donate 700 Rupees. I attended Sai Baba’s Pooja, had Darshan. 20 minutes after coming out of temple, I got a call from one of my good hearted Superior in my company that she is willing to take me in her project and also asked me in which location you want to sit and work. To my surprise I asked for the branch office near my home. She said she will check and get back.

After one month, somehow I got a position in that branch office and I am typing this experience from this office. Thanking Baba each and every day for transferring me to this office and reducing my travel time. No words to thank Him. Though I still have my body pain, Baba will cure me when time comes. And very soon I will share my experience with all, how my pain vanished because of Sai’s blessings. Thank you all for reading this. I pray to Sai for all like me who have body ache to get recovered soon and others to have a healthy life. I would request all Sai devotees to have deep driven devotion and faith in all situations. Please Thank Him for all this life, family, health and friends Om Sai Ram.Baba bless you all.


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