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Sai Helped me to Retain My Relationship with My Husband – Devotee from Singapore

Hi Sai Devotees, I am Priyamvadha from Singapore says: For the past 6 months, I have experienced Sai Baba Grace and Blessings immensely on me and my family. He has improved greatly my relation with my husband and arranged a trip for our second honeymoon. I thank Baba with all my heart and for providing this platform for me to share His Miracles. 

My family life was in a mess last year. It was getting strained a lot over a lot of issues, and there was no solution for my heart ache. I wept for days and nights to have a happy married life, but everything was going worse. My husband is a very good person, loves me so much, but we couldn’t stay with each other for more than 5 years. I kept compromising that separation is due to his job in abroad, but I almost gave up later. I was mocked, insulted and humiliated by my own family too that i am living away from him. I don’t blame my husband for anything, our problems were purely circumstantial or it was due to my past karma that I had to be separated from him. The pressure of taking care of a child when husband is away, adds an additional heartache, where I quit working made me feel demoralized. I wanted to really get separated from my husband, but was living just for the sake of my daughter.
We wanted to work out things too, so we moved to Singapore in June 2013. There I found no companion close to my heart other than Sai Baba. I found my lost world in Him. Just praying to Sai Baba healed all wounds in my heart, gave me solace and revived my relationship with my husband. It gave me the strength to accept my husband again with all my heart. I never hated him, but was angry with him that he chose to work abroad and neglected me for 5 years. With Baba’s grace my relationship with my husband improved greatly due to His Grace. My husband also realized the pain and pressure it takes to handle a child without any help from family. He apologized many times for it and tried his best to be the best husband and best father. I was very stubborn that I cannot accept him or love him as I loved him before, but slowly after I started my prayers and Vrat for Sai Baba, the atmosphere in the house changed and there was lot of changes in me and my husband too. We have become the best friends and we are very happy with each other. I also realized that not all fault was on my husband, and I was also at fault too out of ignorance. 

By the Grace of Baba, My husband got an award from his company in Hawaii islands. It came at a time when I felt like we just got married to each other and knew each other. It was like a gift from Sai to go on a second honeymoon. But I was not sure of traveling that far along with my 4 year old daughter. I did not want to disappoint my husband as he was excited about the award, but left it to Sai for making arrangements. It was a Miracle that my sister and my mom co-operated very well and took care of my daughter for those 10 days. It may seem common for family members to take care of their own granddaughter, but there were many relationship issues between my mom and me for past 6 months. My mom had insulted and humiliated me many times that I was not working and always compared me to my younger sister who is working. So I did not want to ask her help, but Sai Baba arranged everything and it was a nice vacation for me and my husband. My daughter missed me so much, but I was sure that Sai Baba was always around her like a Mother. 

I believe that Sai is Christ and Nanak. During the vacation, in the resort too there was a church right in front of our room and I felt that He is there around me. I would request all devotees of Baba to just trust Him blindly. Don’t doubt Him, don’t question Him. Just tell Him and keep waiting. Shraddha and Saburi are not just His words, they are own weapons to deal with situations, circumstances and people. Baba will always be around those who abide by His principles. Whether it is family issue, relationship with spouse, regarding children and career, He will deal with everything. No need to remind Him every time while praying, He knows the heart in you. Just trust Him blindly. It’s really worth having a human life at least to know Sai. Om Sai Ram. 




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