Sai helped me to marry my Lover – Devotee from India

Sai Devotee from India says: I am from India. This is the first time I am writing here. In 2011, I was going through a bad phase. I ended relationship with my 4 yrs old friend who had lately turned into my love. He came across as the most selfless and loving person but circumstances were such that we stopped communicating. I was so filled with anger that I did not reply to his mails for 2 long years. All this while when i felt weak Baba was my support, my Healer. I Visit Sai Temple on Thursdays with my best friend and one particular Thursday I saw him at the temple. Again, I was so furious to see him that i requested my sister to ask him not to visit that particular Sai Temple. During those two years he wrote several mails asking me to get back in his life and visited my mother too. My mother was very fond of him and wanted me to give him a chance. But I was so hurt that I was not ready to forgive him for what he had done to our relation. Each time I prayed, I asked Baba to make me meet my destiny, the one who was written for me. I was afraid of getting heartbroken again. I left on Baba, how my love life had to be.

In February 2013, I decided to meet him one last time. I wanted him to stop sending me mails. He met my parents too and confronted that he wanted to marry me. At that point of time, I said ‘No’ to his proposal and asked him to move on. Thereafter, he stopped contacting me. But that was not the end. Few months later, things took a turn. I contacted him in June 2013 and i don’t know why, it was as though Baba was making me meet my destiny. I thought of giving him a chance for the sake of the bonding we shared earlier. We started talking and developments happened very fast. Our relationship and bonding revived and we got married in February 2014. My parents are happy as he is the ideal man who keeps everybody happy. I could not have been happier and content in this life and I can’t thank Baba enough. He has placed my life in safe hands. My husband too is a strong believer of Baba and we both are grateful to Him. In every little thing, we never forget to thank Baba. With Baba’s grace we are very happy and are now starting a venture together. Hopefully we shall visit Shirdi soon. If you leave your life on Baba, He takes the best decisions for you. I married the guy whose face I never wanted to see. Trust in Him and your prayers shall be answered. Om Sai Ram


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