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Sai Devotee from India says: I am a software engineer working in Chennai. I have become a great devotee of Sai Baba few months back. Om Sai Ram. I am glad to have Baba in my life and i am happy to share my experience. I am not a childhood devotee of Baba. I got to know about Baba in the year 2013 through my roommate.

First experience with Baba: I met my school senior in Feb 2013. We both started chatting through messages and calls. Slowly I started liking him and I knew he too had the same affection on me. Unfortunately, By mid April my parents started to talk about my marriage and they had one alliance in hand and started compelling me to accept for that proposal. As I started my relationship with him I don’t want to get married to the person whom my parents suggested. One fine day I went to Sai Baba Mandhir and prayed to Him whole heatedly asking for this alliance to get stopped. To my surprise the boy’s family didn’t turn up and that marriage proposal was stopped. This is the first time I realized the presence of Baba. I started doing Sai Baba’s 9 weeks Vrat for the first time without any intention and successfully completed it. I was really happy over that period after that also I was not a great devotee of Baba. I used to worship Him then and there.

My relationship with my school senior went deep and deep but we never proposed each other. In the mid of October I came to know that my guy is willing to marry me as I do. So, we both decided to talk about this to our parents. He said first let me talk to my family and then you speak but at any cost try to accept things even if things goes negatively. Unfortunately, his family situation is in very worse condition and at any cost their family is not in a condition to accept our love. He said due to my family’s situation I can’t take a selfish decision to marry you so let’s break up. I spoke several times to him regarding this but he is very scared to take this forward as his family’s situation is in poor condition. I don’t blame him I understand his situation too. But I could not forget him and I knew he too can’t forget me. All I wanted is my guy back to me. It’s been 3 months since I spoke to him after break up. I know its Baba Who came through the appearance of my friend and asked to me do this Sai Baba 9 week’s Vrat and asked to study Sai Satcharitra. Now i am following this Vrat and planning to study the Sai Satcharitra Book with a hope that my guy will come back to me. I know Baba will be there for me in all worse condition. All Sai devotees please pray for me and Baba shall bless us all with His blessings.


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