Sai is always with me – Devotee from USA

Sai Devotee from USA says: I am an Indian, came to USA with my husband after my marriage. Right now we both are jobless and I am searching for jobs in software field and my husband is searching for jobs in engineering field. Om Sai Ram, . I am a devotee of Shiridi Sai Baba since my childhood. When I was 8 years old I got a chance to go to Shiridi and I remembered very well how beautiful that trip was. In my childhood days I read about Sai’s beautiful life in one of news papers and also heard many times while my family members reading Sai Satcharitra. I was above average student. I think in my 9th standard I decided to become a Doctor so I studied hard and prayed Him like anything, but I did not succeeded in my medical entrance examination. Like this many times happened in my studies. Though I was a mad devotee of Baba I felt that He was not helping me in my studies. I was angry on Baba but i did not stop praying Him. I completed my masters and I was in strong desire to get select in PhD entrance examination but my financial situation was not good I tried for part time job so that I can spend remaining time for the preparation of PhD entrance. I had searched for part time job around 2 months.

We think in one way but god has different plans, one of my friends submitted my resume to good company there I got full time job. As the pay was too good I could not leave the job and I did not get time for preparation, day by day I forgot about my desire to do PhD, like that 3 years were gone then I got married. My marriage was also Sai’s miracle; I believe that Baba itself selected the groom for me. I am very lucky to be loved by an amazing person and I am blessed and proud to be having my husband in my life and I love him too very much. After my marriage I came to USA, I tried for job almost 6 months in the field where I have well experience; I was failed everywhere & frustrated. I learned other tools after 3 months I got a temporary job on the day of Gurupurnima, this job was completely unrelated to my field. Now when I look back I realized that Sai was with me always and He made my life beautiful. First He tested me and then He made everything easy to me. Many times I cried in front of Baba, I expressed my anger on Him but I never stop praying Him because I believe that He is my father. Countless small miracles were happened in my life. It took half of my life time to understand His love and affection on me. Again I am jobless now, this year (2014) is very crucial for us, I have strong hope that Baba will definitely help my family and He will bless me with a child. I am requesting all Sai devotees don’t lose your love and devotion on Baba, have patience. May Sai has planned something else that you never imagine


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