Sai is always with me – Sai devotee from India

Dear Sai Devotees, I first make a humble bow to Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. I came to know of Lord Sai when I was in my 5th class when we (my parents, sister, brother and myself) went to Shirdi in holidays. When we reached Manmad station, we were taking short cut by crossing the tracks, rather than using the over bridge. All four of us crossed the tracks but my mother being a bit over weight could not climb up the other side of the platform. None of us recognized that a train was coming on the tracks we were crossing and it was just 200-300 mts away from where my mother was there, within a second some gentleman came and pulled my mother onto the platform, and within no time the train passed that spot. It is only his miracle that my mother was saved.

From my class 8 onwards I used to visit Sai’s temple near my house every Thursday. He also guided me and helped to get a job when it was really necessary for my family. At the age of 16 I started working. I continued my education while working. With Baba’s grace I successfully completed my graduation with gold medal, a Professional degree and post graduation. I always used to look upon Baba as my Guru and ask him to help me in my education. With his grace he helped me to enter a world-renowned institute for my higher studies.

All through these years he saved me. My sisters wedding was fixed but we did not have the amount to perform her marriage. None of our relatives helped us though they knew that financially we were in a bad position. Just 2 days before the marriage we got the amount through a known person and the marriage was performed extremely well than expected, and all our relatives were wonder struck as to how we could do it. This is all because of Sai’s grace. Not only this Sai stopped me in committing grave mistakes, which would have literally ended my life. I used to like one of my friends and was planning to get married to him, but by Baba’s grace I came to know through a common friend that he is a characterless person and I stopped even thinking about him, this was in Dec 2000.

Last six months was the worst phase in my life, I was very upset and I never had any confidence in myself. I used to get scared of anything in life. Any person who saw me could make out that there was something wrong with me. Co-students and my relatives tried to hurt me in various ways on knowing that I was already sad. I even could not think that one day I will be able to smile whole-heartedly. The entire 6 months I cried, only my parents and Baba protected me if not I don’t know what would have happened to me. Now everything is all right by his grace.

Though I am unable to provide any particular instance as to how Baba protected me, I can assure you that if you believe him whole-heartedly he will always be day and night with you.


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