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Sai is everything and everywhere – Devotee from India

Anonymous Sai devote from India says: Hi Readers, I would like to be called as granddaughter of Sri Sai Baba.I always feel that Baba is my grandfather. His love and care on His devotees is something indefinable. I was introduced to Sai Baba when I was 12 or 13 years old through one of our relative. Since then, there are many miracles happened in our lives. Today I would like to share a few of those with Sai Parivar. Experience 1: When I was studying 1st year B.com, I had taken CPT exam. This is an entrance exam for pursuing Chartered Accountancy course. After writing the exam, I was not sure if I can clear the exam. I was very much worried about results.

A few days before the results, Baba came in my dream. He told me that I will clear the exam and not to worry about it. This gave me confidence. Later I was very happy to see my results. I had cleared CPT Exam. This was possible because of our Baba.

Experience 2: In final year graduation, I was selected by 3 companies in campus placements. But I gave an interview in another company, off campus, and joined it. The very first day itself, I was not happy with the choice I had made. The company was 27 Kms  away from my home. I was not happy with the work too. I always used to cry while travelling, thinking that this is not something I wanted in my life. I was feeling that I was not spending proper time with my parents. I made my mind and started searching for another job. I prayed Baba with all devotion to give me a job, which will help me in long term. Then I got a call from a company which I had never heard of. I went for interview and I luckily got through all the rounds. It was pretty nearer to my home compared to my previous company. I was happy with the work I did there. I learnt a lot from that job and the same job made me chase my life time ambition. Thanks for giving me that job Baba.

Experience 3: We were planning to buy a house in Bangalore from 7 years. But somehow, our efforts of buying a house were going in vain every time. Different poojas and prayers were offered to God, but still we were unable to buy a house. One day my mother cried a lot and told Baba that if He really wants to help us, He should make us take a house in next 3 months. After seeing my Mom crying, I too cried and told Baba, if you don’t do miracles, what is the difference between You and me? My father and I started searching on the Internet for the contact numbers of different developers and started contacting them. Soon after these incidents, a miracle happened. Baba blessed us with a beautiful flat in a nice location within 3 months. This was miracle because, we got a very good developer and also housing loan was sanctioned without any difficulties.

It’s been a year we shifted to this house and we feel Baba’s presence in every work we do. We have named our flat as “Sai Prerana”. What we learnt in the process of buying the house is that, until Guru is sure that we will be happy with what He is giving, He will not give it. We just want patience and faith in Him and He will do the rest for us. Thanks Baba for such a beautiful flat. We had never dreamed about of being an owner of such flat. Experience 4: I was searching for some answer in Question and answer website and Baba told that I will be saved from a disaster today. After seeing the answer, I just left everything to Baba and told Him to take care of everyone at my home. The same night, after dinner, my parents and me came to room and we were watching TV. 

We felt there was gas leakage. When checked in the kitchen, the gas pipe was cut and the gas was leaking. Luckily, by the grace of Guru we found it soon and rectified it. In this way, Baba saved us from a disaster. Baba I know You are with everyone who is chanting your name. Thanks for everything that You have done to my family and friends. Please bless us with good health and peace of mind. I am waiting for a few things to happen in my life. I am hoping that You will provide me with the best possible at the earliest. Please take care of the whole Sai Parivar and bless us and take us in the right path. Sai Ram 



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