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Sai Devotee from India says: I am from India – Bangalore, I have been worshiping Sai from my childhood days, now I am 29 year old.I am here settled and working in a big MNC and also worked for many MNC’s.

I really don’t know how I got pulled towards Sai Maa, when I was doing my schooling, my mom used to be a devotee of Sai but not staunch devotee and many of our relatives were worshiping Sai Maa. When I was in 8th std I was made to study in English medium, all these while I was in Kannada medium hence I found all the subjects to be very very hard and difficult to cope with. Beginning of these days I was failing in many subjects in the monthly tests due to difficulties and no guide for studies from anybody, from then on I found Sai and started my devotion towards Sai from the bottom of my heart. Then on words entire life style of mine started changing and my friends around me started shocked with my performance. I use to be always 2nd or 3rd topper in the class. Since then I have come across with countless miracles. Here I would be sharing my recent miracle by Sai Maa. 

From Past 4 months I am undergoing stressful days due to non security of job, on Dec 2013 I get to hear that the project for which I am working for is getting closed by January end, then I will be put into bench for 2 months, If i get through for any openings within this company i could continue my service, if not I should resign. This situation of mine was very terrific as it’s a quarter ending and bad economic climate everywhere I was not at all getting single openings or offers from anywhere under my field or profile. I was crying with Sai daily to help me out and not to make me unemployed. I did Sai Satcharitra Parayan twice, did Nav Guruvar Vrat once and due to my husband’s support visited Shirdi also, seeing to my every day dullness he asked me one day that do you want to go to Shirdi? when he asked this I was like shocked and was jumping up in the air hearing to him, because just two months back we visited Shirdi hence didn’t expected other visit so early, nobody knows and can stop from the call of Baba. When we made this decision, to my surprise i have received a call for two interviews, one in my own domain and other for entirely different profile which was completely technical and software related, but within the same company where I am presently working. I attended both the interviews and visited Sai Dwarka atthe time of Holi and had very good Darshan. 

After returning from Shirdi I got offer from one company which is in same field but they offered too lesspackage and profile was for entry level kind. Hence I was not happy with it hence I rejected it, after few days just one day prior to my last working day i got a call from present employer that I have selected for that software profile which is really surprising, reason being I don’t have any least experience in this profile and also client interview went on very hard and bad I didn’t had bit of confidence or hope on this opening, all this happened due to Sai Maa. Also I was always asking in Sai Question answer webpage about my job and when is it going to happen. Many a times repeatedly I was getting answer that “On Ramanavami things will happen”. On the very same day I received offer letter from current employer for the new project. Baba didn’t made me unemployed for which really I am happy, I have left entire decision on Sai Maa, if He wishes me to be in this field means let Him take through, yet Sai Maa knows what I like to do in my career so hoping for it. 

I would request all devotees just not to lose hopes on Sai Maa, He will defiantly help but it takes some time and we have to wait. I do agree we all are human beings and we want things to happen immediately as an when we want, if things won’t happen we may start losing hopes on Sai and start blaming Sai Maa, but yet Baba is so kind once you surrender to almighty He will never leave your hand, one or the other way He will come to uplift, believe me we all are so blessed to have Live Guru like Sai Who hear to His child/disciples and reach out then and there only to help us out. At last would like to conclude this by bowing down to Sai Maa for giving strength to write this experience. Baba please help all devotees who are in need of Your blessings, who thinks that You are the ray of hope, You are so kind and powerful that only You have power to make impossible things possible, You are the supreme Lord. Sai Reham Nazar Karna, Bacho Ka Paalan Karana 

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