Sai is My Mother & Father – Devotee from India

Sai Devotee from India says: I amShiridi Saia  Baba’s devotee from 11 years. Earlier though I prayed and bowed to Sai Baba, I never felt close to Him. As days passed by, i realized that just praying to Baba gives me immense pleasure and i don’t have to worry about anything, just we have to cast all our burdens on Him and stay faithful. Right from my school I was an average student who lacked self confidence but now looking at the way my life is shaping up i am very amazed because i am able to achieve everything i wanted in life only because of Baba. There is no step back in life. Life seems much happier much easier and much peaceful now. All thanks to My Baba. Here I am sharing two of my miracles with you all.

Sai is my Mother & Father

First&Foremost miracle: I had been to Shirdi with my mom and brother when i was in class 8. Those days i was not so close to Baba hence I did not let my mom collect Udi at Baba’s Temple saying, I am very hungry, i need food right now. Hence we came back to our place without collecting Udi. Few days passed by and a Sadhu who resembled Baba came to our doorstep and my mom sent me with few coins to give him. But once i was about to return he stopped me and asked me to visit Shirdi, we told him that we were back from Shirdi just some days ago. He asked us “Shirdi jake kya laye? kya lana tha wo tho bhul gaye”(“what did you get from Shirdi? You forgot the main thing”) That’s when we realised that we had not got Udi. Then he asked me to extend my hand, when i did so he filled my hands with Udi just from a plane paper. I was dumbstruck. I asked him where you stay. He replied “i stay in Baba temple nearby” i was confirmed that he was Sai and started following him, but within no time he disappeared. This was one of the experiences i will never forget whole of my life.


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