Sai is my Saviour – Anonymous Devotee from India

Anonymous Devotee from India Says :OM SAI RAM to all. May Baba shower his blessings and care towards us infinitely. Baba with ur blessings i start to write my experience baba please guide and help me. My dear fellow devotees please kindly bare my narration. Lets our sai ma love towards us.
My family consist of four members middle class, being a fatherless kid my mom use to take much care about me, my sister and younger brother. We had sum deposit in our bank for our survival. Things changed in the form of maternal uncle who came and ask my mom that they need money emergency that they are in need, will return back on my elder sister marriage. My mom is so kind hearted and innocent she broke our fixed deposit and gave it to uncle. They didnt pay the money full, when we asked they just gave us small amount and said will repay back. Just imagine in fixed we can get sum good amount we broke the amount took loan and didnt repay it. all are collapsed we were in total loss now. My sister was getting older at time being a elder girl how much pressure for us. We were much worried at that time dont no what to do. At that time only Sai Baba came in our life he helped in and every moment. Sai ma i should thank you for being with us whole process of marriage. My loved a guy, he is inter caste, his parents didnt accept, he came out f his family. we thought t do simple register marriage but our relation said should do in normal rituals and grand manner. I should say this to all devotees just trust baba he knows what to do. We got debt rs.5 lakh for my sister marriage outside. Rest my mom arranged with her jewel and everything. Sai ma only helped us in each situation. Due to lot of problems we got tensed but Baba helped us in each crucial situatin. Our debt now doubled, now im 29 yrs didnt get job and also groom. But still i trust Baba will never and ever leave his kid. He will care as a my mother. My dear Sai family i kindly request you to pray for my mom health, now my mom suffers with her shoulder pain, I request you all to pray her health please. Baba please take care of ur each and every devotees. Thank u Sai ma for what all u did t me, U know what U want to do for me. JAISAIRAM


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