Sai is Our Life forever – Devotee from USA

Sai Devotee says: First I would thank for bringing up such a good platform, for sharing and experiencing Baba’s divine miracles. I request you not to disclose my name and email-id. We are living in US since 2003.With Baba’s grace we can confidently say, our lives are running smoothly. I have many experiences. I should say miracles that Baba showered on us. I cannot list all of them here. But would share the most important one, which would boost up at least one person. After Marriage, we were really happy. I and my husband were like totally made for each other. Even till today, people who look at us say, We wish we were like you, understanding each other so much, and being happy with ever we have. This is possible for us only because Baba had already made a path for us and guiding us. After one year of marriage, I was diagnosed with a very dreadful health condition, and the doctors said that I have no more that a year to live. This was in 2004. I was also pregnant at that time. Even the doctor was literally shredding tears, while telling my diagnosis. 

Everybody froze, for a minute, what my reaction would be. I took a long breath, and said I believe the God I pray in Baba. He will save me don’t worry, and start the treatment. Even my husband was crying a lot. But I did not lose faith. I strongly believed that Baba would take care of us. So, my only concern was what happens to the baby if I not alive? My husband is young, he can remarry, but what about my baby. So, I started thinking about this baby and could not stop crying, as I was always against abortion. When I went to consult a specialist for my treatment, I asked him if I could abort my baby, only because, I did not want a baby to suffer without mother. Then the specialist ( I should say Baba came to me in this doctor’s form) said, this baby came to your womb and then you came to the doctor. It is then your problems have been diagnosed. If not you would have been dead with no treatment. The baby is trying to give you life. So, this baby has to come in to this world to save lives!!! This really felt like Baba talking to me. The treatment started, these medications might even affect my baby too, but I left everything on Baba. Just kept believing in Baba. After few months, my body responded well to treatment, baby was growing well. During the day of my delivery, one Indian doctor whom I don’t know came, hold my hand and said, think Baba is in this room and relax. He will save You today. 

Even putting this in to words, is giving me goose bumps and tears. Who will expect in US, in a hospital for someone to come and say this? I delivered a beautiful baby girl. She is growing with no complications. She is an innocent devotee of Baba. I am still here writing this Miracle (2014), after 10 years. I do not know how much time I still have. But I am happy with what I have. I really thank Baba, for being with me, and just planning my life and taking me forward. I am just a dust near Baba’s feet. I now only hope, that the life that Baba is giving me, I should do some good to others. So, I started doing part time job and in the little that we have, we started donating to orphans. Babas please, bless my family and all others in this world!!! My humble request to all devotees, Miracles do not happen overnight. I had to go through so many complications, after deliver, but never left Baba’s feet. Now the greatest Miracle is my doctors feel that I can have a normal life like others, as they did not see any one with this condition live longer. What proof do you need? It is Baba who is the script writer and director!!! We are just the actors, who are doing whatever the director is saying. Please, hold on to Him, do not lose hope when you are in trouble. Good luck everybody. Sorry for the long post. Jai Sai Ram!!! 



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