Sai Is The Only Person With Whom I Share Everything -Devotee from India

Anonymous Devotee from India says: This was my experience, when I just knew Baba and myfirst miracle. In my senior secondary school, I had my physics exam. I was lazy and overconfident that I am prepared with everything. The night before the exam, I opened previous questions. I saw there only few questions asked from the prepared chapters. I was badly scared and started crying that I would definitely fail.

I was literally shivering and crying. My mom saw me and put UDI and Baba prasad to me and asked to start studying important topics from the left chapters. As I had no other option, I gained strength and started studying which I felt are important. I was still worried, but had some strength gained by UDI. I started preparing and was continuously studying until morning 4 with Baba picture in my book. And again mom came and asked to sleep to have strength to be able to write the exam. I again put UDI and went to sleep

I offered Baba that if at all exam just goes well with passing marks, I will give away eating non-veg on Thursdays and appeared the exam along with Baba picture. I closed eyes prayed Baba and saw thequestion paper. You won’t believe it guys. I knew each and every question’s answer from the paper along with choice questions. I would not pass the exam rather I would be the highest scorer in that subject. I had tears in my eyes. I wrote the exam very well. I was indeed the highest scorer and I got only one mark less to the total score. That’s such a great miracle. I told my mom and she was also very happy. I became great devotee to Baba since then.

Now after many years, I again want such miracle to happen because of a serious problem, which is only and only in hands of Baba. I hope I am talking to Baba through this. I ever wonder anybody can even have such lot of pain and problems in life. I know a family and Baba knows how close they are to me. The family has no financial support other than his kid, who is 22 year old. He went to UAE just to feed their family, which has his mother, grandmother and little sister. With Your blessings, he has overcome worst situations and came to a good point in life. Unfortunately now he met through an accident, where he is legally punished for it and his family doesn’t even know properly what is going on. His GM is very angry on him and filed a case against him, who is also an Indian. He knows all the situation of his family and still not coming down and stubborn to make him pay 12 lakh Indian rupees. The family on the other side is striving financially for their day to day expenses. Their monthly expenses won’t be met without sending his monthly income to his family. Because he is in their custody, he is unable to send them any money.

Baba should do some miracle, so that the GM will calm down and the court there has to forgive him, withdraw his case without fine. Baba, give the kid another chance Baba. He is just 22 and he is in police custody Baba all alone. His family will lose him if he goes into some depression because of his situation. I can’t even disclose this to his family. His whole family will be on road Baba and also it will cost their lifes Baba. I am literally begging You on behalf of that poor mother, who lost his husband very early and about to lose his son too. Please show Your miracle Baba. The court hearing is in December and postponing again and again and I am unable to answer her mother about what’s going on. I am unable to handle the situation and losing strength. Please Baba I will post the result to You what happened, but please help them Baba. Guys please pray for the family guys. Please I need your support (in tears). I know Baba will help them, but hope He understands their everyday pain too. OM SAI RAM.



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