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Devotee from UAE says:I am Renu. Basically I am from India and settled in Dubai. First I want to bless you for what you are doing. I pray to SAI to keep blessing you and your family. And now I will share my Experience with all my SAI Devotees. I had a good job in Dubai till 2009. For some personal reasons I had to go back to India for good. But this was not what my SAI wanted for he brought us back to Dubai after 2 years. We came and my husband got a job. He came before me and I joined him after 6months.

When I came, I did not have a job, and believe me I did not get a job for 2 years. I was very frustrated and going into depression. I had my daughter also here with us. My daughter started going to school here. But the expenses, that were mounted, were too much. I was staying in sharing accommodation with a very nice family. It was this lady, who introduced me Sai Satcharitra book.

She said her husband and he used to read this book very often. So I started reading the book. First time I finished that book within 3-4 days. I started chanting Sai’s name daily. I used to pray every day to Sai for a job. I did get some Temporary jobs. But till the time you don’t have SHRADHA AND SABURI, He also does not help. After reading Sai Satcharitra, I wanted Miracles to happen to me also, but nothing as such happen and I gave up hope. I was in a very bad financial problem. I again started reading the book, but this time with full faith and patience. I left everything to Sai. I surrendered myself to Him. I said do whatever is best for me.

Believe me things started happening to me. Baba has actually come and blessed me. I have felt His hands stroking my hair and saying relax just leave everything to me. After that I have seen a lot of changes around me. Whenever I have any problem, I call Him and talk to Him. He is always there for me. Let me tell you something. I am working for a Temporary post and worried about my next job. I finish this job by end of August. I have applied in so many places and have really prayed to Sai that if I really have His blessings, I will get a job before 1st. I was reading Sai Satcharitra and was just about to finish. I was on Chapater 49 that I got a call from a good company to come for an interview tomorrow morning at 9am. Chanting His name, I went for the interview and I was selected immediately. Throughout the interview, I felt His presence with me. I did not feel like I am giving an interview. He made me so comfortable and relaxed.

I am indeed very lucky to have His blessings. I pray to Him to keep blessing me and my family like this only. We don’t need anything accept His blessings. I want to tell all my SAI Devotees that please read at least 1 chapter of Sai Satcharitra daily and take His blessings. Whenever I read the book I have tears in my eyes every time. I don’t have words to describe the book. I really thank my land lady for giving me the book to read. May Sai bless her. Jai Sai Ram.


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