Sai Love Towards His Daughter – Devotee From India

Anonymous Devotee from India says: SAI RAM, I have been reading this site from past 1 year. I have already posted my experience before. Here is the 1st experience is written by me.

I am so happy to share my experience. What to tell about Him? MY GURU, He is amazing. Love You Baba. I don’t know, without him in my life, how would I live? I am a 2013 b-tech passed out from reputed college. As I have told in the previous experience, I have joined a course related to software, to which I need to qualify an exam to get entry into the course. By Baba’s grace I have successfully qualified the exam and joined the course.

I am attending the course every day. I have gained knowledge related to software. After the end of course, we will have placements, but I am so much worried about my placements, because I am not good at aptitude. So I need to practice well. I used to go to Lalitha Devi temple, which is very near to the course I am studying. But I have never noticed that there is a small Baba idol in the temple. One day I suddenly saw Baba idol in the temple, I felt so happy. I have not been showing that much interest in visiting temple normally, but when I saw Baba Idol, I started going to temple every day.

I used to talk to Him, standing in front of Him, telling all my problems. When I used to feel low, I used to sit in the temple and used to stare at Baba. One fine day, I was feeling very low about my carrier; I started crying and telling Baba please show me the way. Suddenly I got a message from an MNC telling that I have been selected for the recruitment and I need to apply. I thanked Baba and rushed to home and applied for it and to my surprise I have received the hall ticket for interview, with no written test, only technical and HR.

And to my surprise the location of interview is in the same place where I am attending the course. See how merciful He is. He has chosen a place where I go regularly and I am so much habituated to that place, and that place is where the temple is located. I understood that Baba wants to convey that He is with me. I am so happy. I started preparing for the interview. Finally the day came, I attended the interview. There were so many people, seeing the I am so much scared, because that is first off campus I am attending. But our sweet Baba have flushed out all my fear.

Firstly before attending there was verification check. They checked my certificates and they gave a token number which is “522” total 9, which is Baba number. After getting that number, I gained confidence in myself, till then I felt very low. It’s like Swamy is with me. I completed my technical successfully. Then I went for HR. Swamy himself told all answers so confidently being in me. They told me to wait in a room and finally the result has come that I am selected. I was in an expressionless state. I was unable to believe that I am selected. Now I am waiting for cal letter and one more thing is I haven’t completed my course before itself I got selected in an MNC from off campus, without written test. See amazing are His Leelas. Love You Baba. Thanks lots. Please be with me each and every moment and help me to choosethe right path. Love You Baba. Om Sai Ram.



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