Sai Miracle and Blessings – Devotee from USA

Sai Devotee from USA says: Hello everyone ,this is a miracle that I am going to narrate about my experience/Miracle  that happened recently. I had completed my studies in 2013 September and from then, I kept searching for jobs almost 10 months. I got placed in a project in March and so applied for H1B visa based on that project in Atlanta. But due to my bad fate, unfortunately I had lost that job due to mass layout in that company due to improper planning of them and I got a RFE (request for evidence) on my client letter. As I am not in that company any more I hardly have chances to get a client letter from them. They emailed all of us asking if we would be back if called upon again, but they aren’t sure on start date. Meanwhile I attended a local 1 on 1  interview for experience and never had any hopes on it. But to my shock I got that job on June 3rd 2014 by Sai Baba’s blessings and that was a Thursday too to my luck. I was just so happy as working on the same city where my husband works is a tough thing in USA. My dream came true.

Mera Sai
Mera Sai

Here I have another problem, I have work permit only till October 2014 and if my H1B visa got rejected I can’t work after that. I don’t want to happen that way, because my family put a lot of efforts on getting that visa approved. After very long time I got job and I want Baba’s kind  blessings on me and keep me help in working for at least one more year that can happen only if my H1B visa gets approved. My vendor is ready to help me in the client letter from my previous company. Hope I get that very important required document and complete the process successfully. Baba You have helped me find a job near to my home. Also kindly help me get my H1B visa also approved. My sincere prayers to my Lord. May You bless me and keep my family and friends happy and healthy. I know Baba is listening to my condition and I completely believe in Him surrender to him. I am a slave under His devotion and would be so whatever happens. Om Sai Ram


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