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Anonymous Sai devotee writes:
Om Sai Ram!
First of all I am very sorry for posting this so late and I feel so bad for doing it am so sorry baba. Thank you baba for everything in my life it’s all because of ur grace
You have always saved me from all my problems and fulfilled my wishes and when ever I have any problem u answer me and stay by my side and take care of me.Thank you for getting me married to such a nice person and blessing me with a beautiful baby boy which I always wished for and thank you so much for fulfilling my wish and also blessing us with a home and keeping us safe in it
Thank so much for helping my husband who was going through his office troubles and keeping the job even though the situations were difficult
You have always shown many miracles in every step of our life’s and one of which is when I read a story the sai satcharitha about you touch and give away coin to you bhaktas to keep them in they home at puja place and surprisingly you gave me the coin in kumkum which I got from temple which was a hope that you are always with me and my family to save us from all the difficulties it was a really a miracle which I dint expect but truly wished for.

Sai Knows What you Deserve.
Sai Knows What you Deserve.

I always think if you were not there what would happen to us and I also think about people who were born many years ago and who lived with you and served are so more lucky than us you have always brought us out safe in every difficult situation we faced baba please help us with the tensions we are going though now and bless us with visa approval and I’ll be very thankful to u as always I wish to say more than thank you but I don’t know what words I can use beyond, please bless us sai with health, wealth, and happiness also to the whole world and increase our faith day by day om sai ram baba please save us from this tension too and bring us back safe to our home We just believe you that you are always u save us and take care of us Thank you for everything om sai ram

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