Sai Miracle in my Career – Baba Devotee from India

Sai Devotee from India says: My family members are Sai Devotee for more than 25 years. I am a devotee of Lord Krishna. For me everything is Krishna. Even i visit Sai Temple on Thursdays & started my service in Sai Samthi at my area. I have started 9 Week Thursday fasting for Him. I test God & accept them. Even i tested Sai, it happened. Now i trust Sai & tell everyone to keep Sai fasting. Every Thursday i started wearing yellow colour dress because Sai Baba likes yellow Flowers. I don’t want to mention my name and address. 

In my previous company, though i worked well & had very good name with almost 80% client. Because of internal politics they did not support me & extend my renewal. I was working there as fixed term for one year. After that 5 days, i was at home. I attended the interview on Thursday & i got job in fortune 500 company. That too in my client place. Thanks to Lord Krishna i was scolding him what you are seeing, i need job before February. The next day i got call to attend the interview. Call came from my client saying we have opening. I did not ask my client for job. But informed only to that client i will not be there from January. Since they know how i used to response immediately once i receive mail. Almost every client used to appreciate my quick response for their mails & feel comfortable talking to me. Clients are really happy with my work except my higher officials. 

My team mate always do lot of mistake, for everything i used to get scolding’s. But there was no proper support, training, motivation from higher officials. Always they support for wrong persons & favour to those person whom they like. Rule should be common for everyone in the office. But for them who have support of their higher officials they do lot of time pass by listening to music, play games, booking movie tickets, train & bus ticket, talking with other team mates, go here & there just like that going for coffee & Tea. Even on Saturdays according to their wish they work go early. Having breakfast every day morning in office for more than half an hour & lunch for long hours. They are not been questioned by higher officials since they support them. I am always straight forward. Always even my higher officials scold me unnecessarily. 

But when i was sick i was questioned a lot for going up for hot water face wash which hardly takes 5-10mts. But now i thank Lord Krishna for keeping me in good place which i did not expect. I always don’t trust people. I always say Lord Krishna there to help me. I always respect every human i treat everyone equal to me. People always try to hurt others & feel happy. They feel they won. For everyone God is one. Now i want to become in Rolls of the company, i am praying Sai to do support & do Miracle. I never lose hope on God. God has helped me at the right time. I always pray & leave my problem to God. Once after telling them it’s their plan & let God decide for me which is good. I believe all that happens for the good. Since they did not extend my renewal i got very good job. Thank You Sai. Once i happen to Sai, one eye of Sai Baba was shaking on Facebook. I used to share Shri Sai Baba Pictures but after sharing same picture there was no eye shaking. Only to me He showed that. Thanks to Sai Baba. Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai. I Love Lord Krishna. Always Guide Me. 



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