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Sai Devotee Gurpreet from Canada says: Hello everyone, I am Gurpreet gill from Canada. I am married 2 years ago and arrived to Canada one and half year ago. Baba entered into my life miraculously through my teacher. That’s way I consider my teacher as my guru, my sister, my family and my everything. She is the one through which I get so much attachment with Sai Baba. Baba chose to enter into my life during the hardest phase of my life. At that time, I was planning to end my life, because I was fed up from my life due to continuous failure in exam, pregnancy, post partum stress (after delivery) and separation from parents (due to dispute with my in laws family). I was unable to manage so much stress and used to cry a lot continuously day and night. This also put bad effect on growth of my baby in womb. Usually women spend lots of time in doing prayers and worship to God in pregnancy, but I was so much irritated that I never prayed a single day for the protection of my baby. Secondly, as a new immigrant, it was really difficult for me to search a good teacher who could teach me according to my own style.

I passed my almost 1 year in this search and spent huge money in giving IELTS exam to get 7 each in modules. However, I failed in each exam and that again raised my stress level. All this happened during my 9 months pregnancy period. On one fine day, my husband pressurized me to visit Gurudwara (Sikh temple). Over there suddenly I found a pamphlet named as Sai Learning Institute. After returning home, I called to that Institute. After that I decided to start my IELTS classes over there. My teacher used to teach me in her home on one-to-one basis. She was a great devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba. I liked her way of teaching. I never told her about my problems. But she used to counsel me and always tried to lowers my worries and tensions that she used to read from my eyes. She had a big portrait of Sai Baba in her house. I asked her about that portrait. Then she told me and introduced me first time with Sai Baba. In the mean time, I gave another IELTS exam and again failed. Oh my God, I had so much pressure from my in laws side on that day that I started crying in my teacher’s home. I didn’t want to give this exam again. However, because of this decision, my career could get an end. Then she supported me and insisted me to give exam last time just for her sake. She told me few stories of Sai Baba. I felt relieved.

Then my teacher and her family visited to Shirdi. I called them 2-3 times, when they were in Shirdi. I felt inner peace and lots of positive energy in me. I didn’t know what and how that was happening to me. After that I came in contact with this site. I used to read 6 to 7 older experiences in a single day I felt myself complete at that time. Then I started Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat and did 7 days Sai Satcharitra Parayan. All these happened just in a month (march2014). I gave IELTS exam 3rd time. The exam was not up to my satisfaction level. Myperformance was lower than previous exams. I was worried but along with this I had strong faith in Sai Baba. I prayed continuously to Baba and returned all the borrowed books that I kept with me for preparation of exam from around 4-5 months. I was so confidant not in myself but in Sai Baba that He would definitely help me in this difficult phase of my life. And the miracle happened. My result came out. I passed my IELTS exam with 7.5 in each module (speaking, reading and writing) and 8.5 in listening.

Seriously, God has given me beyond my limits. I was speechless. I called my teacher. She started crying and congrats me for my achievement. I thanked Sai Baba. Love You Sai Baba so much. Baba ji You increase my faith. You maintained my dignity and respect in my in-laws family. Thanks so much. Please be with me all the time. I don’t love materialistic world and want to surrender myself to You. Please Baba helps me to have full faith and patience. Dear devotee, after completion of wish doesn’t forget Sai Baba because first chance is easy to get, however, second chance is the hardest to get. Here, chance means attachment with God and Sai Baba. Now, I have a beautiful daughter by Baba ji’s grace. Miracles are continuously happening in my life either in one or another form. Thanks to Hetal ji and her team for this wonderful site. This site has increased my faith in Sai Baba 10 folds, not only from experiences, but also from various discussion forums and lives Shirdi Darshan. Along with this, this site also contributed towards my exam preparation through improving my English level by reading these experiences. Thanks everyone. Jai Sai Nathan. Om Sai Ram


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