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Sai devotee from India says:- I am a working girl from Pune. I was devotee of Sai Baba since 2012. I was staying in Bangalore near Sai Baba temple. I have come across many situations when Sai helped me in getting out of  them. I don’t know how to express those miracles in words. After I got a job in Bangalore, I moved to Bangalore. I was staying in hostel with one of my friends. As we were fresher, we used to go office early in the morning. While going we used to visit Sai Baba temple every day. At beginning things were fine and slowly things became bad, as I got into new  project. In my project nothing was good, I was forced to night shifts. I was having migraine/headache problems, which was increasing day by day.

Sai Blessings
Sai Blessings

I was left with no choice, no hope,  I used to go Baba temple and tell my all problems to Baba, because he only can sort out things. I feel very good while speaking to Him, as if He is listening to me. Months passed, but still no change. My health was deteriorating. My father asked me to leave job. In spite of all problems, I was not ready to leave my job. My manager was not ready to relieve me from Project. I was applying everywhere, but I was not getting any response from anywhere. Finally I lost all hopes. Then I told Baba that I can’t try more and let whatever is in my fate happen. One day I was in temple and  I got a book of Sai Vrat from a lady. Then I started doing  Sai Vrat. On 5th Thursday, I got a call from project for their requirement. I cleared that on same day. On same day new project manager spoke to my manager and he agreed on it. I don’t know what miracle happened. I was in joy with tears, I know the person who was not agreeing since a year, agreed on that day. It’s all because of Sai Miracle. Thank You for giving back my life and my priorities. My husband doesn’t believe that it’s all your miracle. One day he will know your Miracle. Sai please be with us always. Om Sai Ram!!.


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