Sai Miracle / Leela – Sai Devotee From India

Sai brother Skanda Prakash says: Sai Pranam to all devotees. Myself Skanda Prakash, a software professional residing in Malaysia from couple of years originally from Mysore, India.
I was introduced to Shirdi Sri Sai around 10 yearsback by then friend Navya who is also my wife now.
Bowing to the lotus feet of Sri Sai, I would like to humbly share few miracle experiences Sri Sai demonstrated in my life to convince He is always there with all of us.

It was my first holy trip to Shirdi in the year 2008 with my brother Guru. I purchased Sri Sai photos and Sai idol for my bangalore residence and wanted to purchase same for my parents who are Mysore residents. I doubted if my parents could ever accept and worship Sri Sai’s photo as I was the only Sai devotee at my home then. I called my mother Smt.Adrija from Shirdi and asked if they would perform pooja with same devotion and love they do for lord Shiva and explained that Sri Sai Himself is Lord Shiva and they should not assume that He is only a muslim fakir. My parents whole heartedly agreed and insisted me to get Sri Sai photos amd idol promising they would worship with full devotion and love.

I returned Mysore from Shirdi, handed over Sri Sai idol and photos reminding my parents not to neglect worshiping my Sai and took promise from my father Jaya Prakash to offer flowers to Sai the same way he does to lord Shiva and returned to my work location Bangalore. Meanwhile in Mysore, my father was plucking hibiscus flowers for pooja and found that the flowers are limited and he has a flower shortage for Sai’s photo. He remembered his promise to me to offer flower to Sri Sai everyday along with other photos. Worried father unwillingly entered pooja room with limited flowers and started decorating other photos with flowers he has and realized that he would not be able to offer flower to newly bought Sai photo. He finished offering flowers to all photos at pooja room and left with no more flowers for Lord Sainath’s photo. My father closed his eyes praying Sri Sai and apologising for shortage of flowers and explaining Sai that he offered all available flowers to other photos as he was practicing from years.

What did my father see when he opened his eyes?
A fresh hibiscus flower on Sri Sainath’s photo!!
It was a spell bound moment for my father witnessing Sri Sainath’s assurance not to worry but to offer only patience and faith, nothing else…

On another visit to Shirdi with my wife, mother & sister Savi we witnessed another miracle of Sri Sainath. Our purpose of Shirdi visit was to request Sri Sai to bless my sister for a good deserving job and to bless her with best alliance. My sister carried previous company original experience letter to Samadhi Mandir so that she can place it over Sri Sai Samadhi and pray. We all were separated in the queue. When I arrived near Samadhi Mandir I saw few papers on floor. When I took those papers I found to my surprise that the papers are my sister’s original experience letter and realised she must have dropped this by mistake and thanked Sri Sai that I found those important papers. I continued moving closer to Sai samadhi with those papers in my hand and without even realising what am I doing I placed those original experience letters on a hundi as it was disturbing my attention towards Sai and just passed on further. When we all met outside my sister was very upset noticing that her original experience letters were missing. I narrated entire story and advised my sister to go again samadhi mandir to get tjose papers. Unfortunately, it was the last visit and mandir visit was closed for the day. My sister requested sansthan officials to allow her inside explaining them that she lost her original documents. She was allowed inside but she couldn’t find those papers and mandir cleaning was in progress then. She was upset and praying baba to help her get those papers. Immediately one of the main priests at Samadhi Mandir called my sisters name “Savi”. She was shocked as how could they know about her name? Priest said, they found my sisters originaldocuments and guessed it should be the same girl with name Savi on the papers. They called her and handed over the original papers, also offering two coconuts as prasadam with sweets and flowers. We were wonder stuck to see my sister returning with 2 coconuts as we had two major requests (job & marriage) for my sister. The moment she came out explained this, we received a call for my sister’s alliance in response to my sisters profile uploaded in one of the marriage websites. Now my sister is happily married to the same person who then called and is carrying by Baba’s grace. Baba blessed her with a good job in one of the leading MNC’s and also with a wonderful person who is dignified, humble and highly qualified. Our words fail to explain gratitude to Lord Sainath for His kind blessings. I strongly believe that difficulties/disasters have to face Sri Sai before it actually reaches Sai devotees. Praying almighty Sri Sai to bless His devotees. Sai Pranam…


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