Sai Miracles in my Life – Power of Sai Satcharitra

Devote from USA says: OM SAI RAM Hi all, There are so many miracles that have taken place and still taking place in my life, I don’t know where to start. Here are a few of such wonderful leela’s of SaiBaba. First, I was not a stanch devotee of Baba until I got married. My wife is a stanch devotee of Baba from her childhood, because of her belief in Sadguru, I also started becoming one. Before my marriage I lost my job and was tensed on how to handle such a situation. But I told my fiancée (now wife) what had happened and she said that everything will be fine, it’s just a matter of time and to make matters worst my VISA was expiring and I had to come back and apply for renewal.


After our marriage I came back to US and applied for my Visa Renewal and started looking for jobs. But nothing was happening for Sometime. Suddenly because of some strange reason, I wanted to read Sai Charita and a friend of mine had a copy of the book that he gave to me to read. My wife who was in India at that time also though of sending me the book and when I told her I have the Book she was surprised because she was also thinking the same. Guess my time had come to get the blessings from Baba. I started reading the Book on Thu’s and finished in a week and I did 5 Sapthas. After reading, I realized that if we surrender ourselves to Baba by leaving all our Egoism, Fickle mindedness, Pride and have full faith and patience, he will take care of us. That’s what happened. I got my Visa papers after two months and I sent all my documents to my wife after putting all the Documents at Babas feet. After she received them, she sent them to the consulate and in 10 days she got her visa with out any Hitch. Then I told her to come here and in case I don’t get a Job in couple of months we will go back to India.

After her arrival to US, my company President called me and offered me to work in the Administration department for a minimum amount. First I was hesitant but realized that Baba had showed me a way to survive


  1. Om Shri Sai Ram I am one of the Sai devotee from Sikkim
    I am going to offer my experience on the lotus feet of my loving Baba
    Words are not enough for me to express how much Baba has given me in these 5 months .He provided me loan of 10 lakh for my land registration whicha was supposed to be expired on 28th December (coincidentally my birthday)I was totally lost hope but,on 24th Bank employee called me and informed me that exact loan amount has been passed I take it as a birthday gift from Baba.
    Again Baba provided my daughter MBBS free seat!Our state’s chief minister took all the responsibility of my daughterstudy expenses which was beyond my’s all Baba’s miracles .So many small and big miracles used to happen in my life…I am so lucky to get Baba’s blessings


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