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Sai Miracles in Shirdi Trip – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Om Sai Ram. Sai Baba please take care of my words. As we all know Sai fulfil our minute wishes also. I visited Shirdi recently. I was crying from 6 months to visit there as my 12th result were out and i wanted to start my new college life with the blessing of Sai Baba but 6 months passed and every time something turned wrong. I used to cry as i thought i have did something wrong and Baba do not want me to visit His place but trust me, He was having a superb plan for me. That’s why my plan for myself never worked out. 1 month ago my papa’s friend (actually not friend. My father is in aviation and this uncle brought a chattered aircraft from the airlines my dad work with, with the help of my father) called us and told that he want to take us to Shirdi on his new aircraft as he is also a big Sai devotee and as my father helped him so he also want to take us with them. 

So in this way we landed in Shirdi. I was so happy as uncle knows many people in Sai Baba Sansthan, so they took us for VIP Darshan there and i was the one standing just in front of Baba’s Samadhi during Madhayana Aarti and attended Madhayana Aarti being so near to Sai. Trust me, it was the most awesome moment of my life. Pujari ji after completion of Aarti spread the water in all direction of Mandir and i was in the front only so i was the one who got that holy water on my body purifying my mind and soul. At that time i realised that i have not done anything wrong in my life and the delay was just because Baba wanted to attend her daughter so nicely. Trust me, i was fully in tears. At that time so many things were there in my mind, but when i reached near Samadhi, i asked only for that what i wanted to ask and in my heart i felt like Baba is saying ‘De Diya’. After i came out of the Mandir, i was feeling so lost as i was not getting what happened near Samadhi. At that time i was feeling numb as I was not feeling happy or sad. I was feeling like i am in peace, complete in peace. I can’t just tell you how this happened as i was surrounded by so many thoughts and things to ask Baba but i just asked for the thing i really wanted and i also prayed Baba that whenever i come to Your Samadhi please make me ask for this from whole of my heart. I was speechless at that time. 

But the miracle does not end here. After visiting Samadhi Mandir we left for hotel and did not go to Dwarkamai, but i wanted to visit there. I wanted to see Baba’s Dhuni and the place where Baba lived, but as we were with uncle and he was taking us to all the places, i could not say a thing but i prayed to Baba please let me see Your Dhuni. I kept praying but as we left the Mandir and came in car, i lost my hope and thought that Baba wants me to visit His Dhuni next time whenever i come here and made myself happy by thinking that Baba is calling me again to His place Shirdi. As we reached hotel we had our food and me and my papa decided to go out and have some Baba’s Idol as i love collecting Idols and as others were having food. Only I and papa went out and as we went to the shop we find some people buying Garlands and Prasad for Baba. We asked the shop owner that is there any way to Mandir from here, he said that this is way to Dwarkamai and i was amazed. I saw my father and he said at the moment lets go and we went there. There i saw a Palki but at that time i was new to Shirdi, so i did not know that Palki are only taken on Thursdays if it is not Ekadashi but i went there on Wednesday and the man who was carrying Palki saw me and said Prasad le lo and i took the Prasad. Then i went to Dwarkamai and as there was a huge line and uncle and my mother was calling papa again and again, so papa said me to pray to Lord Sainath from outside only and return but i said no i want to get inside. So my papa stayed outside and bowed to Lord Sainath and i went inside and from corner of line i straight went inside and nobody said anything to me and there i saw Dhuni and prayed to Sainath and came again from corner of line. My papa was laughing as i entered from wrong way and got Darshan and again came out in minutes without waiting in line. I was so happy that i got Darshan of Dhuni. I was so happy that lord Sainath listened to my prayers. I wanted to spend more time in Dwarkamai but as i was about to leave Shirdi without seeing Dwarkamai so in place of that the two minute Darshan was very precious. I was very happy and after returning from Shirdi i came to know the importance of Palki and was so happy that i saw it even on Wednesday and i also got Prasad from the unknown person carrying Palki. I was so delighted that in that crowd of Shirdi he stopped and have given Prasad only to me and went. You can say all the incident that took place in my 1st Shirdi trip was a Miracle of Sai Baba. Thank You Sai Baba. Thank You so much. You have given me all the answers of my question. I know You will definitely fulfil my wish also. Sainath thank You so much. Please keep calling me to Shirdi. Sainath Maharaj Ki Jay. Please let me feel Your presence everywhere every time. I am very weak Sai. Please help me to keep Shradha and Saburi. Please be with me Sai. Please be with me every time Sai Baba. 

One more thing, when i was in Samadhi Mandir and Aarti was about to begin, i saw a man taking a dog (police dog) and he came near the Samadhi and bowed to Baba. I was so in tears by that incident seeing the dog bowing to Baba as he was doing this out of devotion and i was happy also by seeing that dogs and other animals are allowed in Samadhi Mandir as they are not allowed in other Mandir. After this when i saw Baba, a thought struck in my mind that i came to know Baba only after the time, i kept a dog. It is only form of Baba who came to my home and is happy with my service to him and this is the only reason why i came so close to Baba and Baba is so happy with me. Getting a thought like this standing in front ofSamadhi Mandir after seeing Baba was just not a thought but a clear indication from Baba that i should take care of my pet like this only as Baba resides in him only and other animals. I should be kind to them. Then only Baba will be happy. I think the post has gone too long. Sorry for inconvenience. Om Sai Ram. Trust in Sai and live with Sai. He will handle everything else. 


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