Sai Miracles with me – Sai Devotee from Middle East

Sai Devotee from Middle east says: I am a devotee of Shri Sai Baba from Bahrain. Om Sai Ram. I am a devotee of Shri shirdi Sai Baba since I was a kid. My mother introduced me to Sai Baba as she is also a devotee of Him. I have come across this website and felt interesting in sharing my experiences with all the Sai devotees. Recently I came to know about Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat and started that. Three weeks have been completed. Yesterday March 27th 2014 was the fourth Thursday that I did the Vrat. After completing the Vrat I offered Peda, Kalakanda and bananas to Baba Ji. I closed the door for 5 minutes. We purchased a new camera 4 days ago and I wanted to take the picture of Baba and flower decoration which is done to Baba Idol. I went back into the room with our new camera and tried to take a picture. After taking the picture I was shocked to see a strange incident in the picture. There were two sparks coming out of two Photos of Shri Sai Baba sitting in Dwarkamai. Those two sparks are touching the Prasad offered. I believe Shri Baba Ji accepted the Prasad and gave His blessings to us. I wanted to share this miracle of Baba with all Sai devotees. Shri Sai is always with us and shown His miracle. Om Sai Ram. God blesses all. 

Second Miracle: Om Sai Ram. As we are recently married couple we went to Shirdi to have His Darshan and Blessings. We went to Shirdi with our family members. We were in Shirdi for four days and had Darshan of Baba on all days. On the third day we sat there for Aarti. As I was little bit tensed i wanted Baba to clear all my tensions and have a peace mind. I prayed Baba and came to room after Aarti. On the last day we wanted to have the Darshan of Baba. I and my husband came for Darshan. As I was carrying handicam and mobile with me, I was not allowed to go into temple with them. So I stood outside with them and my husband went for Mukh Darshan. When he came out I gave handicam to him and I went for Mukh Darshan. While I was praying to Baba, a 14 years old boy stood beside me. He was calling me dhidhi. The words spoke by him were not as clear as he can’t speak properly. Then he told me to look at Baba and have His Blessings I did that and later he showed the Baba’s Radh. He asked my name and I answered him. He asked the name of my husband and asked how he is. As all these words were not clear and i don’t understand Marathi. When he was asking about my husband I don’t know the word which he spoke in Marathi. So I called some people around me and asked the boy to repeat the words to them. I told them the word so they said that he is asking about your husband. Then the boy said that you are from gulf. I was shocked to hear that word from him as he doesn’t know me. Later I asked him Is everything fine? He said everything is fine. As his words not clear I asked him to write on paper or tell those words to anyone who knows Marathi but suddenly he stood calm and he behaved as dumb. I was shocked to see that. He asked me to take him with us. I was afraid and tried to leave the place and said bye to him and he said bye too. 

As I was in hurry I ran out to my husband and explaining all to him. In the morning even before coming to the temple I and my husband wanted to give 10 rupees each to the old people asking for money. I have a thought in my mind that Baba will surely come to me in any manner. Suddenly that 14 year old boy returned to us calling me dhidhi from behind. My husband asked him what do you want and he asked my husband for ten rupees. At that time my husband doesn’t have any extra money except one ten rupee Note in his wallet. He gave those ten rupees to him. Boy took the money and we left the place. At that time I recognized Baba in that small boy and as Baba said we brought Baba’s idol with us. As I asked Baba to relieve my tensions He gave me a very peace of mind. Thank You Baba. Baba blesses all. Om Sai Ram. 


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