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Sai Nath Blessings For Getting a Job:

This experience is about Sai Nath Blessings of a Devotee.

My name is Sneha and I am a small devote of sai for the last 8 months, I wanted to share one experience of myself. This is a great site where people can share their experience and many people get hopes by reading the experience of devotees. For the last 4 months, I was in search of a job, I gave many interviews in MNC companies, but I didn’t get a job. I got selected in some company but I didn’t get an offer letter as the project got canceled. After that, I tried very hard but everyhere I got a negative response, I used to get clear 2 to 3 rounds but I at the end of the day with a negative response. In 2 MNC companies, I have cleared all rounds but I didn’t get the offer letter, everything was going in pending, I was in tension. Then I started to pray Sai Baba, I do fast every Thursday, but I prayed baba that 9 Thursday I will fast by only having shabudana kichadi. On the same day, I got to know about this site, I started to read all experiences of devotees, I was really surprised. I thought if Baba listens to all these devotees then he will also listen to m. For the last 1month I seriously started to pray Baba for my heart, I daily used to listen to Sai Satcharitra, I daily used to read devotee’s experience, I used to feel very happy. one day I read the experience of some devotee who was going through the same situation as it was mine and baba helped him.

Trust me.
Trust me.

That devote wrote that he was upset with baba as he was not getting a job and one day he became angry with baba and was talking with baba after finishing his prayer as he took mobile in hand then suddenly he got called for a company that he got a job. That really so surprising. After reading about this experience I felt so happy. I got full faith in Sai. I never felt bad or upset with sai, he is like our parents who always think want is right for us.
One day I also asked sai to fulfill my dream of the job as u did for that devote, I prayed for 1 hour in front of sai I cried. After my prayer as I took my mobile in my hand than it was shocking I received a call from MNC company they took my only 2 telephonic rounds and selected me, that company take a minimum of 4 rounds but I got selected in only 2 round and I am blessed with a job. So If you have Sai Nath Blessings, You can achieve anything. Love u sai,love u lot..keep ur blessings on me like this only .. Om sai, Om sai, Om sai, Om sai, Om sai..

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