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Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Experience – Sai Devotee from india

Have a great Thursday for all Sai devotees. I am happy to say that I was born on Sai day (Thursday) and don’t know the reason but from childhood on wards I am worshiping Sai. Today I want to share with all Sai devotees one Sai leela /miracle happened in my life few weeks back.

I don’t posses safety locker to store my valuable things like jewelry and documents etc. Usually I will keep these things at my friend’s locker. One day I went to her place and took required jewelry to attend a wedding. After 15 days, again I gave back the jewelry to my friend to keep it in locker safely asking her to keep it next day as I reached her house at 8 pm. The next day she went to bank and placed the jewelry in locker.

After 2 months again I needed jewelry to attend my cousin’s marriage.So,I requested my friend to bring jewelry from locker and keep at her home. Next day I went to collect and I recognized that my diamond and white stone ear rings were missing worth Rs90,000.I asked regarding this to my friend she was saying that I gave only 2 boxes but I remembered that I gave her 3 boxes. I don’t want to argue with my friend as she is a very good nature, kind hearted and one of the best friends of mine. I have belief on her. At the same time I was worried about the ear rings.

My friend searched at home and even me also though I know it was not at my place. I prayed Sai and I faced 5 sleepless nights. After 10 days I went to my sister’s place to pick my son who went there for his summer vacation. Same day my sister’s family and my son returned from Shirdi and she gave Sai udi to me.

I narrated the whole situation to my sister. She asked me to observe Sai Vrat – 9 weeks. She was already performing and completed 5 weeks . She explained me the Vrat procedure and story of one Sai’s devotee got back her jewel box which she lost. She gave me the book and asked me to sacrifice my favorite food till I find my jewelry.Immediately I prayed Sai at my sister place only and sacrifice “Sweets and Fish”.I started Sai Vrat on Sai day.

On 2nd Thursday while performing Vrat when I came across the jewel box story, I was thinking that “Sai is I have to wait more 4 months to know the result? I don’t have that much patience…” since in Sai leela the devotee gets her jewel box back after 2 months from Vrat (9 weeks) completion time. And I performed Vrat with great devotion.

Friday, when I was at my office I received a call from my friend. But at that time I couldn’t  answer due to the hectic work. While doing the work I felt good signs in my mind and heart that the jewelry might be found since my friend she never makes call in between office hours. First time I received a call from her in office hours.I made a call to my friend after I got free time immediately.

She said the good news that she found ear rings box in her cupboard itself while cleaning. She placed only 2 boxes in locker as at that time she didn’t find this box so she thought I gave her 2 boxes only she didn’t remember this. How can I express my emotions to Sai at that time. After performing 2nd week Vrat only I got back my earrings. I worshiped Sai in my heart. Sai shower your blessings always on me and you are the god, parent and everything to me. I lay my head to your feet and pray you take care of me.

Om Sri Sai Ram Om Sri Sai Ram Om Sri Sai Ram Om Sri Sai Ram Om Sri Sai Ram10401481_288203764688020_2472214286478273010_n


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