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Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Sairam, I am 27 year old girl, working outside India. My parents have been looking for groom for a really long time. Beginning of last year, my parents introduced me to the guy working in the USA. I somehow felt connected right from the day 1, when we exchanged emails. It was weird because I usually take a very long time to understand and open up with anyone. We started talking and in a few days my parents confirmed that the horoscopes do not match. I felt very bad and decided to let it go. But somehow this guy wanted to give it a shot to make it work.
We met twice last year. He flew especially to meet me as well. We tried convincing my parents quite a lot. In the middle of all this, I realized he is still best friends with one of his ex girl friend and wanted to keep in touch even after marriage. We used to argue on the issue. Also, he slowly felt that our families really do not get along as my parents were still having the horoscopes issue at the back of their mind.

Anyways, to cut the story short, he suddenly left me a week before our engagement was getting finalized. He said he wasn’t too sure about the whole thing and sent me a list of items that I should improve upon. But somehow my inner voice always said may be there is another reason for him to leave me and maybe he would never tell me the real reason. I lost all faith in God! I tried my best to revive the relationship we had. I even wrote him a hand written letter in today’s age. Before posting the letter to him, I wanted Baba to give me indication if I should go ahead and do.
There were so many positive indications – someone playing flute early in the morning, when I was going to Baba’s temple. There was Shiv God Rath Yatra outside Baba’s temple and most importantly Baba’s photo appeared from nowhere when I started writing the letter. I wrote the letter in Baba’s temple and sent it to him. However, he just came back saying he is not available. I was very very disappointed. But I didn’t give up hope. I decided to Vrat for 9 weeks for the first time in my life hoping Baba will get him back to me. However, in the second week of Vrat, I realized his Shaadi profile disappeared. I am assuming may be his marriage is fixed with the same girl he was speaking during our break up. But how can someone move on so easily from 1.5 years relationship and fix their marriage within 4-5 months. I am very disappointed and changed my prayers saying Baba show me my direction soon. I wanted to get married to the guy, whom I love and he has been taken away from me. At least find me someone whom I can spend my life with. My parents are extremely worried too.

Please devotees, please pray for me. I have no clue why this happened. I made a lot of mistakes over the past 1 year and I regret. But cannot understand how so many positive indications of Baba couldn’t get my love back. Hope Sai makes things better. I have done Sai Satcharitra saptah as well. But I keep slipping back to my sad moments since the guy left.


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