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Sai Ram Miracle In My Life – Anonymous Devotee from USA

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I come to know about Sai Baba’s 9 Thursday Vrat from my colleague. We (I and my husband) were in big immigration problem. Last 3 months was testing period in our life. Though my only solace and savior is Sai Baba.

We started our permanent resident processes (green card) around 10 years ago. We had problem in every single petition we applied. Last year our petition was moved to final stage. We thought that the long journey is going to end. Unfortunately our green card denied. Because of immigration officer’s mistake, the wrong file was referred. I went to out of status, need to leave the country within 6 months of denial and lost my job. We were in deep sorrow, sleepless nights. We think about this process every single minute as we don’t get opportunity to explain to anyone just wait and wait after applying petition.

I was sharing my problem with my friend. She advised me to do Sai Baba 9 Thursday Vrat. Since it was Thursday, I started on same day evening. I was not big devotee of Sai Baba at that time. As I started my Thursday Vrat I was able to feel presence of Sai Baba with me. I was saved from accident because of my Sai Baba. I got strong faith on Sai Baba that I will get my problem solved by the time I finish vrat. Every single day my devotion strengthened. I started listening to Sai Satcharitra , Sai Baba Aarti songs. I do read Datta Bavani every day. I cry in front Sai Baba photos.

One day I felt like Sai Baba is crying for me. He is carrying my burden on Him. I keep praying to Baba, “We don’t have anybody to solve this immigration issue other than You. You are only savior. Please give us peace”. Three months passed with faith on Sai Baba.I completed my 9th Thursay Vrat.

By Tuesday we received email status of green card production order .No words to explain how much Sai Baba did for us. It is nothing other than Sai Ram’s miracles. He is with us. I understood clearly we need faith and patience and He will take care of rest.
Sai Ram gave us peace, happiness within a week I completed my vrat. My family is thankful for rest of our life. Sai Ram strengthened our devotion. One day after my night aarti I told my husband that you make a reminder note that we will get our problem solved before end of november. He made a note in his mobile. Day before yesterday my husband was reading the note he made in his mobile,”Om Sai Ram solve the problem before end of november”. I am wordless to explain his miracles.
Now we got green card in hand by Sai’s grace. We are planning for India trip after six years. I am praying Sai Baba to bless us Shirdi trip. Sai is our life.


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